Spadafora: “On the resumption for May 3 I am doubtful. If there was the possibility we would do it behind closed doors”

SPADAFORA CORONAVIRUS – The Minister of Sports, Vincenzo Spadafora, spoke today by videoconference to the Extraordinary Council of CONI to discuss the organization of sport during the Coronavirus emergency. These are his words: “I want to thank the president of the CONI, the Cip and all the members of the junta for accepting my request for discussion and for creating this important opportunity for dialogue. It was very useful to gather all the necessary elements from the representatives of the world of sport to better reason about the next steps. We must and want to be ready to start as soon as possible: for its role and for its capillarity in the social and economic fabric, sport will be one of the engines that will allow us to revive the country after the health crisis. I had confirmation of the great collaboration shown by everyone in this difficult moment, and I asked Coni to collect the requests, suggestions and proposals in the coming days. I will soon be dealing with all grassroots representatives, as I have done since the beginning of my mandate and this emergency. “

The words of the minister on Rai 3

The minister Spadafora he also gave an interview to Rai 3 microphones. Here are his words: “I am sorry to say and announce it right here, but the optimistic forecasts that made us think we could resume in late April or early May – the football championships and in all disciplines – I think they were a little too much. On 3 May I am doubtful, if there was the possibility of shooting we will decide to do it behind closed doors. To date I have some doubts about the declarations that I feel I can resume the competition. It is the scientists themselves who have no certainty about evolution. It is not that we are skidding, but we have to adapt the constantly changing decisions. ”

Is the football championship over?
“I think people need all kinds of information to calm or displease. The final choice will be to the federation, but the optimistic forecasts to start on May 3 … It is unlikely that it will be able to resume, if the FIGC were to postpone in the summer months, July August, it falls within the autonomy of the sport. It will also depend on all the other leagues. The world of football took a little longer to understand the emergency we were facing. Now he will move carefully to avoid certain scenarios ”.

Who is going to run wrong?
I am opposed to anyone, superficially, who decides to carry out physical activity, risking himself and others. There is a serious reason: there are people with pathologies for which it is essential, essential, to be able to walk. A limited number of people with specific pathologies. I appeal to common sense. We do not know how long this total blockade will last, but for health reasons we cannot foreclose something necessary because of the unconscious “.

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