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SKY SPORT – The president of Turin Urban Cairo he returned to talk about the current emergency situation that Italian football is experiencing due to the coronavirus crisis. The grenade patron spoke to the microphones of the satellite broadcaster in particular on the hypothetical shooting dates of the championship:

On calendars …
In my opinion it’s okay to save the championships and the cups, but going too far with the times and therefore going beyond June 30 would be a problem because you risk affecting a future season. If we talked about June 30 it means that in August the players will rest, then there would be a month of preparation and in the end they would go to play in mid-October. This way you risk compromising two seasons. We try to play and finish the championship by June 30th. International contagion risks being very dangerous. We cannot play at all costs, endangering the health of those who play and work or the fans.

Hard to think of closing everything by June 30 …
I think so too because closing everything by June 30 would mean starting to train again from mid-April, therefore in 20 days. As I see things today I think it’s a difficult hypothesis. There is also the topic regarding the economic health of clubs to do. It is important to find a meeting point so that all the sacrifices are spread a bit among all and you can start again with a new season. Today it seems to me more productive to try to find solutions by hypothesizing that it cannot be finished, if then things will go better, it is welcome.

The indebtedness of Italian football is likely to be fatal with the losses derived from the Coronavirus. What do you think?
Debt is an undeniable fact, but we are facing a global problem, which involves everyone and today we must understand what it allows us to do. The debt is there and there was also before, the problem is trying to solve an epochal situation, totally unexpected and never seen before.

From the standings point of view, how would you award Scudetto and Serie A promotions?
The ranking … I don’t know, it must be discussed in the FIGC, in the League, to find solutions. It also takes unprecedented remedies for an unprecedented situation: in these first meetings made via Skype, someone said that the training would continue, but I warned that the numbers said more.

Italian football has not made a splendid appearance these days, there are those who always think about their interest.
I see more union, those who move in isolation count them on the fingers of one hand. There are those who put their interests before the general one, it has happened for many years in the League and this has made us lose ground compared to the great European championships. This shop attitude has penalized revenues and is giving a bad image of Italian football.

You have always supported the idea of ​​national championships compared to those of Superlega, now UEFA also seems to be on the same wavelength.
I’m glad, there has been a lot of talk about this SuperChampions and now it seems to me that the main road is the right one.

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