Rome, Trump can help Friedkin restart the deal

The dossier Friedkin it is temporarily a cold case, as police inspectors say they can’t solve a murder. Everything is suspended pending signs of reopening by governments. In this sense, both he and Pallotta observe with curiosity Donald’s strategies Trump, which excludes a prolonged lockdown such as those decided by several European nations. The 2,000 billion put in place by the American administration in support of the economy, finding republican and democratic agreements, could cheer up high-level entrepreneurs (yesterday Wall Street closed with another positive sign).

Friedkin smiles again

And so Friedkin could also look with optimism at the negotiation for the purchase of Rome. It is impossible now to establish a timing but the intention, compatibly with the need to touch up the agreement downwards, remains the same: to join the club, perhaps gradually and no longer loudly. Pallotta is also willing to evaluate the second possibility and in the meantime has given guarantees to the board of directors: he will honor the financial deadlines.

“Mkhitaryan wants to stay in Rome: loan idea”

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