Rome, Pau Lopez overcomes Olsen. Betis regrets him, he aims the European

ROME – The bad mistake in Derby can not be the cover image of the season of Pau Lopez. That’s why the day after the wrong exit that had brought the same as all the Biancocelesti companions they had cheered him up as a team spurring to continue his work to the maximum as always. Savorani he didn’t even have to encourage him that much, the Spaniard had immediately put the gloves back on without losing trust in their own means. Because in addition to defending the door of Rome, Pau Lopez is pushed by another target that is slowly materializing: entering stable in the tour of the Spanish national team. Last November 16 thanks to the performances with the Rome the then coach Moreno he had begin with the shirt of Red Furiesfive days ago Luis Enrique would have it summoned for races against Germany is Holland scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday. The Coronavirus blocked everything, returning the European to next year. Not all evil comes to harm, at least for the Roma goalkeeper who will have another season to confirm in the hierarchies of the new national team and therefore beat the competition of young people and senators like Asenjo, Unai Simón and Pacheco who aspire to a place in the Luis Enrique squad.

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The place to the European will have deserve it with performances in Rome, so far positive in his first season in Italy. Pau Lopez is working hard with Savorani to improve the technique and the I play with my feet that does not always succeed, especially in long throws, but which has guaranteed him a hitherto 76.3% of successful passes. Average rating over sufficiency, and statistics that reiterate how summer investment (23.5 million, the most expensive goalkeeper in the history of Rome) has certainly improved the situation compared to the previous year: with nine clean sheets in total in twenty-six games, Pau Lopez has already ‘beaten’ Olsen’s performance, stopped last year at eight. Unlike the Swedish, Pau will improve his record with the other twelve league games (plus two of the Europa League) that should be played once the Coronavirus emergency has passed. Safety for Rome, regret for the Betis Seville: the club that sold it to Roma seven months ago (“It was he who asked to go”, assured the diesse of the Andalusian team) is looking for another goalkeeper for the next season: Joel Robles he is not giving the hoped-for security he was giving Pau Lopez.

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