News of the day. Coronavirus, the decline in infections continues. Mancini: “Proud of Roma”, the future of Serie A is discussed

NEWS OF THE DAY – All the news of the Giallorossi day collected for you in an article: happy reading!

The point on the Coronavirus emergency

For the fourth day the number of current coronavirus positives is decreasing: 3,491 in the last 24 hours; yesterday they were 3,612; the death toll also decreases but it is still very high: 683 in one day, 743 yesterday: 7503 people died, a frightening figure. The healed increase, comforting figure: in one day 1036, a total of 9,362. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the total number of people infected with the current positive, dead and healed is 74,386. Meanwhile, the Head of the Civil Protection Department is in solitary confinement for a severe feverish attack while Guido Bertolaso, after yesterday’s positivity, he was hospitalized in the San Raffaele of Milan.

In the rest of the world, the situation is particularly difficult Spain where the numbers of deaths and infections are constantly increasing. In England, however, it tested positive for Coronavirus il Prince Charles: negative, however, the Queen is in good health.

The future of Serie A is discussed

Discussions continue on what the future of Serie A will be. Yesterday a very excited League meeting was held, with the clubs divided between those who think that this championship is already over and those who want to resume. To captain the ranks of the latter there would be the president of Lazio Claudio Lotito who would say: Have you seen the data? Oh, if he’s going to retire! But then I know: I talk to the doctors, those who are on the front line, not with those of the teams … “. Instead, the other presidents are skeptical, with Agnelli’s pungent reply that was not long in coming: “Oh, sure: now you have also become an expert virologist”. While theUefa continues to hope in the possibility of ending all competitions by July 15, the first hypotheses for the next Serie A arrive, should this year be already over: a 22-team tournament with 4 relegations for the next 2 years in order to return to the format of 20 in 2022. Same thing in B and Lega Pro that would pass to 24/25 with 66 clubs.

Rome’s initiative for over 75 subscribers

The Coronavirus continues to bring theItaly. For this the Rome he is working hard to help those who need it most right now. From Friday, in fact, the Giallorossi club will begin to distribute basic necessities to all subscribers over 75 years of age, who will receive a box of Rome Cares containing food and medical devices useful to protect yourself in this emergency period for the Coronavirus. This is the umpteenth laudable initiative of the Romanist society in the fight against Covid-19.

Spinazzola’s words

Leonardo Spinazzola today he is 27 years old. For this the full back of the Rome he wanted to thank all the fans who sent him his wishes on Instagram: “Thank you all for the affection you are showing me with your greetings. I am already looking forward to being able to go back and run on that green rectangle to give you those moments of joy and happiness that we all need. But now is the time not to give up and remain more united than ever. A hug. Leo “.

Mancini’s words

The quarantine continues and the players do everything to keep fit during this absence from the field. Gianluca Mancini, to Sky Sport’s microphones, he talked about how he is experiencing this moment: “My day routine is to wake up, have breakfast, help my wife a little in the house since I was never there before, have lunch and start the work program that Rome sent us. I train because it is important to maintain our physical condition at best since we miss the field but it is important to stay at home and follow the right indications that the government has given us. The other day we had a group video call, we were 30. They updated us, gave us new programs and also a new feeding plan. Not training often is also important. ” The defender then wanted to praise Rome for how he is behaving during this emergency: “I am very proud of my company, Rome has opened a donation campaign for the Spallanzani hospital, the goal is to reach 500 thousand euros. We players and coaching staff have participated in this because it has affected us a lot and we want to be part of this too. Roma Cares in the last days has also donated 13 thousand masks and all the sanitizing gels, for this reason on the Rome website there is everything there is to find to donate. It is important to donate in this moment of great difficulty for the whole country “. Could not miss an encouragement to his ‘old’ city, that is Bergamo: “I send him a hug, I say ‘mola mia’ (don’t give up in Bergamo dialect, ndc). They are a great people, they will surely know how to get up “.

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