Mkhitaryan: “I feel better with Fonseca, his game reflects me more than Arsenal”

Football is stopped and the Coronavirus is bringing not only Italy to its knees, but the whole world. He also speaks of this Mkhitaryan, in his long interview with The first thought goes to Arteta, technical Arsenal positive result at Covid-19: “It was very sad to hear it. I hope these people can be strong and get out of this situation. There is not only him, but also many other players around the world. Not only in football, also in basketball and other sports some people have been infected. “ Then comes the Armenian’s wish: “I would like for them only a speedy recovery and that they remain strong, because they can be an example for everyone of how it is possible to fight against this virus.”

ROME– In such a moment, however, football becomes secondary and there are many initiatives launched by A league and from Rome in particular to try to help in the fight against coronavirus. “It is not the first time that the club has shown interest in helping people”, said Mkhitaryan. “I am very proud of the commitment that society is putting into it, because it is helping several hospitals here Italy and our supporters are also joining our fundraising campaign. I think it’s a wonderful thing. “. It is a pity, however, that the season stopped when the Rome is Mkhitaryan they were recovering and the midfielder also stressed this: “When you are in shape, with the team that plays well and wins it is a pity that everything stops. We don’t know when we will start playing again and if we will be able to get back into shape. The important thing is to stay in training and do whatever the club asked us to do. “

FUTURE – These months will then be essential to understand whether or not he will return to Arsenal considering the arrival in the capital on a dry loan. “Compared to what Fonseca asks me, the Arsenal manager wanted another type of game. I feel better with Paulo because we play more proactive football that better reflects my characteristics“. On the future, however, it is not unbalanced: “I can’t say anything at the moment because it’s all stopped. I don’t know when we will return to play and what will happen this summer. In football everything changes quickly, one day you are here and another you are somewhere else, you never know what can happen in your future “.

QUARANTINE – Meanwhile the Rome, like the other clubs in Series TO, they have suspended training for a specific date and Mkhitaryan tells how it is to live holed up in your own home: “We are trying, but it is not easy. You can’t do many things right now. You can only stay at home and wait for everything to work out “. The Armenian also describes his typical day: “I wake up, have breakfast, talk to my family about different things, from the virus to life, passing through the future and the past. Then in the evening I am trying to watch some movies with the family or sometimes alone. On top of that, we have the staff program for home training, so I’m trying to keep fit. “

WORK OUT – Of course the work done at home may not be the same that the players would have done a Trigoria, but Mkhitaryan try to explain how he is trying to do his best: “I’m trying to mix everything together: the ball, using a bike and other exercises with the dumbbells. I’m trying to do everything the club has put me on the training program. It’s not easy because obviously you have limited space and there are some things that you don’t have at home, but we are trying to reap the best benefits. “ The more complex aspect, given the absence from the fields, remains the feeling with the ball. “Obviously it’s not the best solution to kick around the apartment, because you have neighbors who sometimes bother you. At the moment I’m trying to do everything without the ball, because it is more important to be physically fit than technically “ word of the seventy-seven Giallorossi.

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