LIVE Coronavirus, The United States is the first country in the world by number of infections. Today in Italy 4,492 more cases, 999 recovered and 712 deaths.

LIVE CORONAVIRUS – LIVE updates on the emergency Coronavirus in Italy and worldwide.


22:20 – The United States exceed Italy is China in the number of infections. At the moment, with 81,321 cases registered, they are the country with the highest number of positive ones COVID-19.

20:30 – The Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, spoke at the evening edition of TG1. These are his words: “It is time for the Italian people to be helped. It means being able to spend all the money you need to help entrepreneurs, workers and families and be able to get up “.

20:22 – The Prime Minister With you a EU: “How can we think that tools developed in the past, built to intervene in the event of asymmetric shocks and financial tensions affecting individual countries, are adequate for this symmetrical shock? If anyone were to think about custom protection mechanisms developed in the past then I want to say it clearly: don’t bother, you can keep them, because Italy doesn’t need them. “

20:20 – In Germany 43,646 postative cases have risen. Today, however, there are 239 deaths. The Minister of Health Jens Spahn he said today that the Germans are facing “peace before the storm”.

6:55 pm – The number of infections has increased, but this does not mean that there is an acceleration. These are the words of Miozzo: “It is important that there is a slowdown in the curve, but we cannot expect a sudden decrease. We must observe the effects of the decisions made in the coming days. We are already analyzing the reason for the small increase today. The hypothesis is that there has been an accumulation of results of swabs made in the previous days. But the important thing is the rate of increase of the curve which apparently seems to slow down ”.

6.30 pm – The bulletin of the Civil protection takes stock of the contagion situation in the Lazio region. Currently there are 1,835 positive cases in the Covid-19. The number of people who have recovered since the start of the pandemic has become 155, while deaths have 106.

18:00 – La Civil protection issued the daily newsletter. The cast of the infections that continued for 4 days has stopped. Today they tested positive in Italy 4,492 people (3,492 yesterday). The total number of active infections, however, is 62,013. In the last 24 hours, there have been 712 deaths, for a total of 8165 victims since the start of the pandemic. Today, 999 people recovered and led the total to exceed 10 thousand.

2.00 pm – The emergency coronavirus has forced millions of people home. There are those who have used this time to devote themselves to activities that they normally could not have done or who, on the other hand, works in smartworking. The use of social networks obviously, it has grown dramatically: barricades within the four walls of the house, the only way to have contact with friends and relatives is the mobile phone. However, an appeal comes: i network operators data ask not to disseminate videos unless strictly necessary; every sending and every download through social media, including Whatsapp, engage the network preventing regular operation. The networks are overloaded: civil protection, hospitals, schools and companies are no longer able to exchange data “.

13:50 – “Unfortunately, the numbers are not very nice, the number of infected people has increased a bit too much compared to the line of the past few days. We are about 2,500 more so far, then the councilor will give you the details. I personally am worried. ” So the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, during a press point in Milan.

1.45 pm – This morning the usual bulletin of the Spallanzani hospital in Rome was released: There are 214 positive Covid-19 patients. Of these, 24 patients need respiratory support. Further resignations of asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic patients are expected during the day. 114 patients have been discharged and transferred to their homes or to other territorial structures. 114 This trend is further confirmed by the decrease in the number of new hospitalizations at Spallanzani and his spokes, at the same time as the increase in the number of patients discharged or transferred in structures with low care complexity “.

11:45 am – The list of doctors who did not make it due to the Covid-19 epidemic is getting longer: there were 33 dead but yesterday late in the evening, we learn from the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), it has arrived news of the disappearance of three other white coats, all from Bergamo. The number of infected health workers also increases: according to the latest data from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, they have risen to 6205, or more than 9% of the total cases.

11:15 am – The speech by the Prime Minister has ended Giuseppe Conte in the Senate. According to the Premier: “The coronavirus will cause a recession for the entire European continent and will be tough and severe”. Concerning the supplies of masks from abroad, Conte says: “I read about some controversy. It is unthinkable that our geopolitical position could be conditioned by these supplies “.

10:30 – The quota of 470 thousand infections. In Italy, yesterday, the latest decree wanted by the government to contain the epidemic was published in the Official Gazette, which establishes immediate fines of about 200 euros for those who move without reason and arrest for those who violate the quarantine.

10:15 – Spain, Germany and the United States continue to rise in the curve of deaths and infections today. Spain has recently exceeded the number of victims in China with over 3,600 dead, and almost records 50 thousand infections. The capital Madrid is the most affected. El Pais writes that microbiology laboratories brand rapid tests bought in China as “inaccurate” and malfunctioning because “they have a sensitivity of 30% when they should exceed 80%. Il Fatto Quotidiano reports it.

09:40 – The head of Civil Protection Angelo Borrelli was negative for the buffer coronavirus. The Civil Protection Department announced this, stressing that Borrelli “who currently continues to experience a slight flu status” will continue to work from home while remaining in constant contact with the operating committee and the crisis unit. ANSA reports it.

09:15 – Today’s edition of Leggo reports some statements by the president of the IOC Thomas Bach after the postponement of Tokyo 2020 Olympics: “We thought above all of the health of the athletes, but also of the other subjects involved in the event, making sure to safeguard it. We will try to organize the Olympics in the summer of 2021. Sacrifices and compromises will be needed from all sides. There has been a task force since mid-February, we follow the periodic information provided by this working group which includes the IOC, the Games organizing committee, the administrators of Tokyo, the Japanese government and in particular the World Health Organization. We remain confident ».

9:00 am – The president of the Turin Urban Cairo he released an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport to talk about the current situation: “We will have to start again, of course, and football will have to be the engine of this recovery but keeping in mind first health, then the future. Unfortunately, one season has been ruined, but we must be careful not to ruin the next one. The desire to end the season cannot in any case go too far with the dates. I think June 30th is an insurmountable limit beyond which playing would be wrong. ”

08:30 – The director of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus took stock of the Coronavirus emergency. “To slow the spread of the epidemic from COVID-19 many countries have introduced unprecedented measures, with significant social and economic costs: the closure of schools and businesses, the cancellation of sporting events and the request to stay home and safe . The cooperation of the Italian population is truly incredible. We will do everything to support and there are good signs of the scenario that the Italian experts have traced. We hope these positive signs continue, but I am very happy that Italy is doing everything it can. “

08:00 – France is also dealing with the coronavirus. Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, has announced that it will mobilize the army to fight Coronavirus. In a speech in Mulhouse, one of the transalpine outbreaks, where he visited a recently installed military hospital, announced that “Operation Resilience will be aimed at helping and supporting the population”. The number of soldiers who will be used is unknown. It will also strengthen and “revalue the country’s health system in a lasting and profound way”.

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