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The “little ones” of A league have proposed a solution to limit the damage caused by Coronavirus: relegation freeze, promotion from B for 2 teams and tournament of 22 instead of 20 clubs. The motion concerns the blocking of retrocessions in order to avoid economic damage for those who fall by category. Proponents of the proposal are Cellino, is Ferrero, supported by the other small A teams such as Udinese, Lecce and Spal. Among the big winners there is the, with the ready to join in case of title assignment.
There Serie A 2020/21 So would provide 22 teams while the demotions they would go from 3 to 4 per year and in just 2 years the current format of 20 teams would be restored. The situation is more complex B series, where the first three of each group would be promoted (Monza-Vicenza-Reggina). In this case the clubs would be 21 for the B plate 20/21. But here it comes into play De Laurentiis which risks expanding the cadet tournament a 25 In the risiko of the Serie A now the small teams make the big voice. The patron of the (so far on the front line to restart Serie A) could support the small ones of A, as long as his Bari is fished out in Serie B. The red and white would be the fourth promoted as the best second. The Apulians boast 60 points, but they played well in Group C 3 more races compared to the latter of group A (Carrarese) e group B (Reggiana). To avoid the endless process of appeals all runners-up would be promoted en masse for a total of 24 participants to the next Serie B. But the scenario could change further. In Lega Pro group B, Carpi is third behind Reggiana second, but with one game less and potentially he would be second. That’s why the promotions could even become 7, expanding B’s tournament to 25 teams.

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