“I have some doubts about the possibility of resuming the championship. If there was a way to play we will do it behind closed doors” »LaRoma24.it – ​​All News, News, Insights Live on As Roma

The Sports Minister, Vincenzo Spadofora, intervened during the transmission of Rai 3 “Who has seen it?” where he commented on the emergence of the coronavirus in Italy, also analyzing the situation regarding the A league, which is not clear if he will be able to start again. These are his words.

Can Serie A resume as they say in late April?
“I am sorry to say and announce it right here, but the optimistic forecasts that made us think we could resume in late April or early May I think were a bit too much. On 3 May I am doubtful, if there was the possibility of shooting we will decide to do it behind closed doors. To date I have some doubts about the declarations that I feel I can resume the competition. It is the scientists themselves who have no certainty about evolution. It is not that we are skidding, but we have to adapt the constantly changing decisions. “

Can we say that the championship is over?
“I think people need all kinds of information to calm or displease. The final choice will be to the federation, but the optimistic forecasts to start on May 3 … It is unlikely that it will resume, if the FIGC were to postpone in the summer months, July August, it falls within the autonomy of the sport. It will also depend on all the other leagues. The football world took a little longer to understand the emergency we were facing. Now he will move carefully to avoid certain scenarios ”.

Is it wrong to go for a run?
“I am opposed to anyone, superficially, who decides to carry out motor activity, risking himself and others. There is a serious reason: there are people with pathologies for which it is essential, essential, to be able to walk. A limited number of people with specific pathologies. I appeal to common sense. We do not know how long this total blockade will last, but for health reasons we cannot foreclose something necessary because of the unconscious “.

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