Spinazzola and Mancini: “We will get out of it”. Frattesi can return, Mkhitaryan: “Fonseca better than Arteta”

There are two versions of the Rome who continue to work. One is the one most on display and it is the one that is giving birth every day new initiatives to help fans and not to face the emergency. Then there is that of the first team that in their own homes is training every day in the event – every more remote day – that the championship can restart. If this is not the case, the freezing of the classification, no assignment of the championship and no relegation, with the first two of the Serie B being promoted, increasing the number of participants in the next Serie A season by two. in four. By closing the championship, cuts are also expected in the salaries: 30% are thought, Roma would earn just over thirty million. But thereand League-level meetings they are already glowing.

MOLA MIA – Impossible for Mancini is Spinazzola do not think of Bergamo, the city that has adopted them and is now suffering: “It’s a surreal situation, to those who are there I say mola mia (” don’t give up “in dialect). We will get out of it “, Gianluca’s words. It echoes it Leonardo, who turned 27 today: “It is a special city for me, I send him a big hug. I miss training and matches, I can’t wait to be able to return to play to give the fans a smile “. If the situation does not improve in the coming weeks, we will not return to play. And the Rome will have to reckon with the promoted and rejected until the championship stop. Then the time to look to the future will be down: Petrachi has been following for some time Frattesi, can be part of the deal Defrel and go back to Rome. Who can stay instead is Mkhitaryan, that he used words of love for Fonseca: “I feel better with him than at Arsenal, his game reflects my characteristics more than that of Arteta.”

SOLIDARITY – Rome has also actively participated in the beautiful race for solidarity these days: from Friday they will be distributed parcels to subscribers over 75 years old containing food and health kits. In these days, the company is also publishing photos of some of the medical heroes, nurses and volunteers who are fighting the virus on the front lines on social networks: today was the time of a fan subscriber in the South curve who works in a hospital in Bologna. The club he also auctioned a shirt signed by the team: the proceeds will go to Spallanzani, for which the fundraising has exceeded 500 thousand euros. A fundraiser also started spontaneously from the 2006 World Cup group.

OTHER – It wasn’t there in 2006 but he knew the Christian national team jersey well Vieri: the former striker became dad for the second time and the baby girl was named Isabel. A name that triggered Totti’s response immediately. Day of confessions also for Nainggolan: “I’m afraid of infecting my wife Claudia, when I go shopping I can get infected and she has low immune defenses. My quarantine? Cagliari sent us the equipment to train, I play at the Playstation until late at night, we make barbecues and we play board games. For once we have to follow the rules. ”

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