Serie A, Amazon ready to invest in TV rights for the 2021-24 three-year period

AMAZON TV RIGHTS SERIES – Football is stopped due to an emergency Coronavirus, but in the meantime, discussions continue on various aspects for the future, including TV rights for A league for the three year period 2021-2024. In the coming months, the call for the sale of the A and the images will be launched League will have to launch the race to purchase packages (by platform and / or product) that represent resources equal to 25-45% of the revenues of individual football teams. According to what reports, a hypothesis is circulating about new possible interested parties in TV rights. The US giant Amazon has started to study the file relating to the rights of A. At the moment there have been no formal contacts, but once the stakes of the race have been defined, the group of Jeff Bezos will study the papers to understand whether to replicate what has been done in the recent past in England.

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