Rome, Mkhitaryan: “With Fonseca I play better than at Arsenal. Future? We will see”

ROME – Henrikh Mkhitaryan he told al his quarantine in italy for the emergency Coronavirus, Also talking about its possible future a Rome. The Armenian playmaker arrived on loan fromArsenal This summer he also wanted to comment on the news of the Coronavirus positivity of the Gunners’ technician Arteta: “It was very sad to hear him. I hope these people can be strong and get out of this situation. There is not only him, but also many other players around the world. Not only in football, also in basketball and other sports some people have been infected. I would like only a speedy recovery for them and that they remain strong, because they can be an example for everyone of how it is possible to fight against this virus “.

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Roma commitment.
“It is not the first time that the club has shown interest in helping people. I am very proud of the commitment that society is putting in, because it is helping several hospitals here in Italy and our supporters are also joining our campaign. fundraising. I think it’s a wonderful thing. ”

The season stopped with a recovering Roma.
“When you are in shape, with the team that plays well and wins it is a pity that everything stops. We don’t know when we will start playing again and if we will be able to get back in the right shape. The important thing is to stay in training and do all that the club asked us. “

On the future in the capital and a confrontation with Arsenal.
“Compared to what Fonseca asks me, the Arsenal manager wanted another type of game. With Paulo I am better because we play more proactive football that better reflects my characteristics. I cannot say anything about the future at the moment because it is everything is still. I don’t know when we will return to play and what will happen this summer. In football everything changes quickly, one day you are here and another you are somewhere else again, you never know what can happen in your future “.

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On life in quarantine.
“We are trying, but it is not easy. At this moment you cannot do many things. You can only stay at home and wait for everything to work out. I usually wake up, have breakfast, talk to my family about different things, from virus to life, going through the future and the past. Then in the evening I’m trying to watch some movies with the family or sometimes alone. In addition to that, we have the staff program for training at home, so I’m trying to keep fit. “

On home workouts.
“I am trying to mix everything together: the ball, using a bike and other exercises with the dumbbells. I am trying to do everything that the club has included in the training program. It is not easy because obviously you have limited space and there are some things that you don’t have at home, but we are trying to reap the best benefits. Obviously it is not the best solution to kick around the apartment, because you have neighbors who sometimes bother you. At the moment I am trying to do everything without the ball, because it is more important to be fit physically than technically “.

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