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RADIO MARTE – Serie A will try to end the championship, even pushing to play in the middle of summer. This was underlined by the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, who spoke to the radio broadcaster in the evening: these are days of continuous remote consultations to try to plan the future when the coronavirus emergency will allow it and stem the crisis. “By culture I give up with great difficulty – the words of football n.1 –. As long as I have the chance, I will keep the hope of restarting the championships. I will make any attempt to arrive at this definition. I am aware that it is premature to think of a date, but we must think positively. We will try to do our best to play even at the cost of asking for the support of UEFA and Fifa, to go beyond June 30th, therefore also taking advantage of July and August “.

Difficult to find unanimity in the League: “At this moment there is no room for the interests of the individual. I appeal to common sense, so in the end it is the Federation that will have to decide”. Tomorrow a new appointment “to work on a series of proposals concerning some amendments to be evaluated by the government, but there are many issues of relevance to us. We do not want to ask for money, but we are denouncing a state of crisis. We ask to help us with a series of rules that can give a modern development to our football. We will see you tomorrow, then we will meet again next week for a permanent and constant work table, putting together indispensable ideas to form projects “. As for the suspended Gravina championship rejects the hypothesis of cancellation or assignment on the desk of the title: “I consider it a defeat of mine and of the value of the competition. An unpleasant scenario would open up. I stubbornly renounce reflections that lead to such a conclusion. As long as possible, I will continue to reject these hypotheses”.

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