News of the day. Fonseca: “I have no problems with Petrachi. Difficult Perez holder tomorrow ". Pastor, the injury seems serious

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The Fonseca conference in view of Atalanta-Rome

On the eve of the match that will see Roma face Atalanta in Bergamo, the Giallorossi coach Paulo Fonseca attended the usual press conference . The Portuguese touched on many topics, primarily tomorrow night's game: "Tomorrow will be a very difficult game, theAtalanta it's a great team, very aggressive but with great quality of attackers. " Later, the Romanist coach returned to the alleged controversy with Petrachi, denying it: "At this moment there is no problem, no division, we are working to make a good game tomorrow". In addition, Fonseca gave indications about the formation he will line up against the Bergamo players, assuming to move Mancini to midfield and use Bruno Peres as a full back. In addition, the bench for Carles Perez is likely, so as to give him more time to adapt to Italian football. Finally, the Portuguese coach tried to explain the crisis of his Rome, focusing on the fact that it was never a problem of courage, because the team has always reacted well even in times of difficulty.

Atalanta-Rome, the eve

Rome left Fiumicino this afternoon to reach Bergamo, where tomorrow night the Giallorossi will face Gasperini's team at 8.45pm. In Fonseca's squad list, thanks to the injury factor, there were few changes compared to the previous race, namely the inclusion of Ibañez and Cardinals. Change of form in sight for the Giallorossi coach, who will field 4-1-4-1 with Mancini in midfield and Fazio in defense. Spinazzola and Bruno Peres could start owners, Veretout and Pellegrini in midfield while Mkhitaryan should be behind Dzeko. As for Atalanta, Gasperini's squad is full. The former Genoa coach also spoke today at the press conference. In addition, to arbitrate the challenge will be Daniele Orsato, with whom Rome has a positive balance: 11 wins, 11 draws and 5 defeats. With the Venetian whistle, the Nerazzurri count 7 wins and 9 defeats.

The latest from Trigoria. The Shepherd's injury is more serious than expected, but surgery is excluded

In view of tomorrow's match against Atalanta at the Gerwiss Stadium, the Giallorossi carried out a finishing workout in Trigoria in the morning. The session first involved a phase in the video room to study the opponent, then Fonseca's team moved to the fields to move to the athletic part. I work separately for Mirante, Diawara, Zappacosta and Zaniolo. Individual also for Shepherd. The Argentine hip problem seems more serious than expected, so much so that "El Flaco" finds it difficult not only to exercise but even some daily movements. The former PSG, however, received quite comforting news after a check in Villa Stuart and will be able to avoid the intervention. Instead, a conservative therapy was opted to which the Giallorossi playmaker will undergo tomorrow.

Petrachi, Roma did not like the outburst: hypothesis
Paratici as plan B.

In today's press conference Paulo Fonseca stressed that he had no problem with Petrachi. However, it is release of the yellow and red ds during the press conference to present the new purchases Perez, Ibañez and Villar it does not seem to have been appreciated by the Capitoline society, which apparently is considering alternatives. The Giallorossi club did not share the ways and timing of Petrachi's statements, therefore, given the good relations with Fienga, the Paratici hypothesis is taking hold. Although at the moment it remains the most difficult option. The other names on the list could be those of Faggiano from Parma and Carli from Cagliari.

Look Who's Talking

Today's main topic on the main Roman frequencies was Saturday's imminent match against Atalanta. The opinions of the speakers have been conflicting. Some are of the opinion that a draw is an excellent result, like Agresti to Radio Radio Mattino: "At the moment there is a difference in quality, in conviction. Atalanta is now clearly favored, just for Fonseca to play it differently. It is a game that can become very complicated. Atalanta when it leaves is difficult for everyone to stem. A draw would be an excellent result. " Others believe that the team is called to a nine game, as he says Roberto Pruzzo on Radio Radio Mattino: "The latest were too negative and led the coach to think of something different. Something must be done, try. It will take a performance like that of the derby, with personality and courage. It will not be easy against Atalanta, but a signal must be given. " Instead, there are those who spend words on Petrachi's latest events, such as Roberta Pedrelli at Centro Suono Sport: “Every year the players are sold and then we start again, without ever guaranteeing continuity. If Petrachi was already in the balance, because he went to put himself in an even more uncomfortable position with society ".

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