LIGHT: "It is a final against Atalanta", NISII: "I would play Perez from the beginning"

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Federico Nisii on Tele Radio Stereo: “I was surprised at what Fonseca said about Carles Perez. I don't understand how you can prefer the current Under to the Spanish. It seems to me a very receptive one, I don't think he needs who knows how long to settle down. We are talking about someone who played for Barcelona in the Champions League… I expect Roma to react tomorrow, also through a performance of effort and humility. You don't have to look for phrasing, even the long ball is okay from time to time. I hope it will be enough for Mancini in midfield to give Roma more balance ".

Max Leggeri at Centro Suono Sport: "The qualification in the Champions League combined with the arrival of the new property I hope will soon give us back a great Rome. In the background of all this I also reflect on the fact that this team, represented by over 3 million fans worldwide, will play a 'final' tomorrow for a fourth place in Bergamo against Atalanta, not for the victory of a title, in an eve that sees the Giallorossi on the underprivileged card. This is what the 'Romanization' process initiated by this company led us to. Not only was the technical figure of the team downsized but above all the philosophical thinking of an entire fan base, which years ago would never have pervaded the same ".

Checco Oddo Casano at Centro Suono Sport: "Anyone who looks at Atalanta-Roma in a detached way, as a mere observer, sees on the one hand a club that in recent years with a provincial dimension and a struggle for salvation, is consolidating in the most noble hemisphere of our football; on the other, a company that has disheartened itself, downsizing its sports project, with managerial, financial, managerial and technical errors now peaceful. The hope is that the arrival of the new property, net of Petrachi's unfortunate joke, will generate a real management change, because a real change of gear is needed in different sectors. I am convinced that Fonseca has prepared this challenge to 150%, then the performance on the field will depend a lot on some singles. The choice of experienced players can pay off, if physically they will be able to withstand the Nerazzurri impact. "

Stefano Carina on Radio Radio Afternoon: “Difficult game. The only doubt I have is on the right wing. Mkhitaryan will play, he is an international player. I would play with veterans and not with kids. I would put Perotti. I do not think that Fazio has become scarcer than Cetin, he has been a two-year star at Roma “.

Xavier Jacobelli on Radio Radio Afternoon: “I am not surprised by Gasperini's words, this is his philosophy. Valencia is around the corner, we are used to this Atalanta with prestigious victories and results. They do not have anyone injured, in my opinion Gasperini will not make a turnover. A victory for Roma would reopen the qualification for the Champions League. I would not underestimate Malinovsky, it is becoming decisive “.

Franco Melli on Radio Radio Afternoon: "Atalanta sometimes falls asleep, but it's a delight to watch her play. It crashes you, it has incredible players like Ilicic. "

Alessandro Vocalelli on Radio Radio Afternoon: "A very very complicated game, Atalanta with the great teams is enhanced. The draw for Roma would be an excellent result. If you lose 90% you're out of the Champions League, unless 6 it would become a feat. Roma must play to bring home a draw like never before. ”

Marione at Centro Suono Sport: "There is a lot of confusion about everything, about the players, about the stadium, about Friedkin, there is nothing certain. Atalanta? I would take Malinovskyi, he is young and strong ”.

Furio Focolari on Radio Radio Mattino: "Another defeat would open a crisis of large proportions. The main objective would be lost, there would be incredible economic damage to be added to the technical one. A draw would be valuable, but it would further aggravate Fonseca's position, which seems to be in the ball. "

Xavier Jacobelli on Radio Radio Mattino: "Atalanta is doing very well, Gasperini is spoiled for choice, especially regarding the attack. He tries to deny the last two internal results, he is aware that this is a playoff for the Champions League. Rome knows how important this challenge is. "

Roberto Pruzzo on Radio Radio Mattino: "The latest were too negative and led the coach to think of something different. Something must be done, try. It will take a performance like that of the derby, with personality and courage. It will not be easy against Atalanta, but a signal must be given. "

Furio Focolari on Radio Radio Mattino: "A very difficult match, Rome is in an emergency and Atalanta has the wind in its sails. It is right that Roma change everything, the latest results are too negative. It is a game that must be tackled in the most incredible way possible, but a draw can also be a good result. "

Stefano Agresti on Radio Radio Mattino: "At the moment there is a difference in quality, in conviction. Atalanta is now clearly favored, just for Fonseca to play it differently. It is a game that can become very complicated. Atalanta when it leaves is difficult for everyone to stem. A draw would be an excellent result. "

Daniele Lo Monaco on Tele Radio Stereo: "4-1-4-1? It makes me laugh, it's 4-2-3-1 and that's it. It may be that Fonseca tried different movements, but even with Mancini in midfield he was always 4-2-3-1. Mancini and Veretout play in front of the defense, the 4-2-3-1 will also be in Bergamo, there is no doubt. I don't think Fonseca will talk about it today at the press conference. It risks being a very nervous game, played on the nerves. It will be the usual Atalanta, Gasperini has a sensational opportunity to shelter fourth place. Unfortunately Rome comes from a disastrous beginning of 2020, it is in a delicate position. If you win you raise and become the favorite for fourth place. A defeat in Bergamo should not be defamatory, but Rome is called to a test of pride. "

Ilario Di Giovambattista on Radio Radio Mattino: "Rome must keep the good ones, but if important offers arrive and sells them, there is nothing we can do … Rome seems to have changed a lot to avoid the coat".

Mario Mattioli on Radio Radio Mattino: “My prediction for Atalanta-Roma? Atalanta wins. "

Sandro Sabatini on Radio Radio Mattino: "The most important test will be for Petrachi that I didn't like the other day at all. Tomorrow's test is not exactly the best for recovering enough. I don't believe much in Peres, rather in Perez ”.

Sandro Bersani at Centro Suono Sport: “At this moment the company does not exist, we are in interregnum and nothing reigns. Now it's all the hustle and bustle, until the closing comes. The players no longer feel connected to this team because they know that after two years they will go away ”.

Roberta Pedrelli at Centro Suono Sport: “Every year the players are sold and then we start again, without ever guaranteeing continuity. If Petrachi was already in the balance, because he went to put himself in an even more uncomfortable position with society ".

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