Fonseca: “No problem with Petrachi. Now we need experience ”(AUDIO and VIDEO)

ATALANTA ROMA FONSECA CONFERENCE – At 13:30 the technician of the Rome, Paulo Fonseca, spoke at the press conference by Fulvio Bernardini of Trigoria. The Portuguese coach answered questions from reporters on the eve of the match against L'Atalanta, scheduled for tomorrow evening in Bergamo.


Fonseca talks about Roma's match against Atalanta in a conference

"Tomorrow will be a very difficult game, theAtalanta it's a great team, very aggressive but with great quality of attackers. Attacks in a particular form, she is very strong with great players, a great coach. We won't have much time to think or decide against you, we must have the quick decision. It is a team that is exerting a lot of pressure, recovering a lot of balls right now and then on the counterattack it is very strong. We worked on these moments of the game where it will be important to be successful to have a good game. "

Fonseca reveals the formation of Roma against Atalanta in a conference

"We have changed the system in other games, the important thing is not to change our game principles. We had good games with great balance with Mancini as a midfielder. It is a strong possibility. Perez entered very well against the Bologna. He is understanding what football is like here. It is really different than how you play in Spain. But I think this game againstAtalanta it's very particular and maybe it's not the best time to have it play from the beginning. It is difficult to see right now Bruno Peres higher. I would say that at this moment we need him as a full back. "

Fonseca talks about his relationship with Petrachi in the conference with a view to Atalanta-Rome

“I am totally focused on tomorrow's game, I don't want to comment on the words of my sports director. Right now there is no problem, no division, we are working to make a good game tomorrow. "

The Giallorossi coach explains the crisis in Rome

“To play on my team you must have courage and this team has always had it, even in times when we have lost. For example with the Juventus we took 2 goals in 8 minutes and if you are not brave you can take 4 or 5 goals and at all times the team reacted well. Also to turin: at the interval the result was negative, but then he played bravely. The last game is the result of the game with Sassuolo. The team has blamed the game so much Reggio Emilia. I who played football is easy for me to understand when this happens. "

The wings of Rome according to Fonseca

"Under is Kluivert they played good games. It is true that Justin after the injury it was not like in the first part of the season and Under I think that after the injury of Zaniolo he had two good games. At the moment when there are two defeats, it is not just two players, but all of them. Now we need experience in the team, for young people it is more difficult at a time like this. We'll see if tomorrow they will play or not "

The role of Mkhitaryan

"I think that Miki he is a really important player, with experience and a very good decision-making ability. He can play as a winger, but playing in, as a midfielder, in a different system he can play in one of the two in front. He can also be a goalkeeper, because he is one of the smartest players I know. But I think that as a midfielder or winger coming in are the roles he does best. "

Diawara's situation

"Diawara is getting better day by day. I think next week can be decisive. He is working well, I talk to him and the doctor every day and he has an evolution every day. We hope that next week he will have the opportunity to start with us to see how he is in reality. The signs, however, are very positive at the moment ".

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