Atalanta-Rome, clash between two opposite worlds: from turnover to the press and the field

Atalanta-Roma is a challenge between two worlds, two corporate management and two totally different sports projects. Bergamo and Rome are two opposite planets, 120 thousand inhabitants against almost 3 million representing the exact measure of reality at the antipodes. As 'Tuttosport' says, Atalanta and Rome are also different in nature of the property. On the one hand, the family Percassi which remains one of the few examples of a passionate and passionate president, while on the other hand the passing of the baton from James Pallotta to Dan Friedkin, aAmerican for another. Then the stadium question, with the Gewiss being renovated and that of the capital that has yet to see the start of the works.

The relationship between field results and turnover is another fact that certifies the extraordinary nature of the Bergamo project: Rome closed the financial statements as at 30 June 2019 with a total turnover of 380 million euros and a loss of 24 million euros, the Atalanta in 2018 (balance sheet for the calendar year) reached 155 million euros in turnover with 25 million euros in profits. And for 2019, the profit should be confirmed with an increase in the Atalantine turnover up to around 200 million euros.

Returning to the field: Atalanta is Rome they are two teams that score in a distinctly different way (61 goals for the Goddess, 42 for the she-wolf) and score goals in practically the same way (31 Atalanta, 30 Roma). Gasperini and Fonseca have different football philosophies, choose different modules and also have to do with a very different number and type of injuries. In addition, the approach of the technical manager of the Rome Petrachi with the press and criticism it is diametrically opposite to that of Sartori or gods Percassi.

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