LIVE Spinazzola-Politano: the dialogue between Rome and Inter starts again, the solution is linked to the presence of the full back (PHOTO)

POLITANO ROMA INTER SPINAZZOLA – It seemed to be done now. The exchange Spinazzola-Politano however it has not yet found its definitive closure. In fact, the OK from theInter to the full back, who has had far too many injuries in the past. That's why the deal is now in danger of completely skipping.

Rome transfer market, Spinazzola-Politano: updates

16.05 – The operation may not have been completely skipped. Rome is Inter, according to Sky Sport, they would have started talking again to try to find a new solution. The Nerazzurri would be thinking of introducing a detail in the contract Spinazzola: the player will be compulsorily redeemed when he reaches a certain number of pre-established appearances.

2.50 pmDavide Lippi – agent of Politano is Spinazzola – is pushing theInter not to blow up the deal. As reported by the Corriere dello Sport, the attacker only wants the Rome.

13.55 – Tense climate on the Rome-Milan axis: the exchange with theInter is about to jump. As Corriere dello Sport writes, in fact, Leonardo Spinazzola could return to the capital in the next few hours. Gianluca Petrachi he is studying a solution to try to take Matteo Politano on loan until June.

12:50 pm – The negotiations for the Spinazzola-Politano exchange continue. Rome rejects Inter's new proposal, namely that of the loan with the right of redemption. The Giallorossi would agree to the exchange only outright or with a redemption obligation. As Filippo Biafora of Il Tempo reports, yesterday people close to Politano were sure of the signature, now the players' agents have negative feelings.

11:00 a.m.Rome is Inter I am in constant contact to find a solution, as reported by There Rome, however, it will not go back on the agreement made with theInter in the past few hours. Outright exchange or, at most, loan with redemption obligation. Otherwise the deal will not be made.

10:40 am – Risks to skip the exchange between Rome is Inter that sees involved Matteo Politano is Leonardo Spinazzola. As reported by Marco Barzaghi of SportMediaset, in fact, the Rome she is very irritated by the situation. For this reason it has not authorized the additional physical tests required by theInter to verify, in more detail, the athletic conditions of Spinazzola.

9:00 am – You risk skipping the exchange between Politano is Spinazzola. As La Gazzetta dello Sport reports, there is great tension between Rome is Milan, at the center of the discussion a physical test session for the external defender to be taken on by ad Appiano and the formula of the deal. The two clubs had an agreement in principle signed by the ds Petrachi is aid for an operation of around 27 million. Yesterday Marotta he tried to change, offering Roma a double loan with the right of redemption on the same figures. Roma strongly rejected the offer, already convinced of being able to aggregate Politano to the group for the Italian Cup. The official version is that there was no time to complete the physical test process and another day will be needed for Appiano Gentile. The Nerazzurri club routinely defines the procedure and denies that there are problems with the negotiation formula. TO Rome instead they see tests as a pretext to delay closing and return to the attack on changing the formula.

8:00 am – This morning Leonardo Spinazzola will take the field condition tests ad Appiano Gentile, before becoming a new player of theInter. These particular tests, requested by Antonio Conte to have players who are actually ready to give a hand immediately to the Nerazzurri cause, they displaced the Rome. To increase the tension between the two teams, as Sky Sport reports, yesterday the attempt of theInter to change the formula of the transfer of the blue full back, from loan with obligation to loan with right. The request found firm opposition from the Giallorossi, intent on enforcing the agreements made.

7:35 am – As Leggo reports, Matteo Politano is practically a new player of the Rome even if for the official it will be necessary to wait for the cause today Spinazzola. For the full-back, a counterpart in the exchange, theInter asked a medical examination supplement to Appiano Gentile. Evidently they don't convince too many muscle injuries. A small grain that should not affect the success of the deal. Politano he will wear shirt number 25 and on Sunday in Genoa he should take the field from the first minute.

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