News of the day. Politano-Spinazzola exchange takes place, Gravina: "The national team needs Nicolò Zaniolo"

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Here Trigoria

There Rome prepares for the next challenge against Parma, looking for the first victory of 2020. The Giallorossi will challenge the men of D'Aversa in the round of 16 of Italian Cup. Today, the team coached by Fonseca took the field to the technical center Fulvio Bernardini for a training session that included technical and tactical work. Santon is Kluivert have done all the training with the group and should therefore be available for the next game.

The words of President Gravina on Zaniolo

The accident of Nicolò Zaniolo has rocked the world of sport and beyond. There are many, in fact, the messages of affection arrived in these hours for the Giallorossi player. The president of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina, who went to this morning Villa Stuart to personally observe the condition of the football player after surgery on his right knee. The president of the Football Federation then released a few words on the meeting outside the clinic: "I found it well, he has already started a mini-rehabilitation, he is on the high morale. He knows very well the importance he has for our national team and this gives him great strength. We will try to be very close to him because the national team needs Nicolò Zaniolo and Italian football needs to make the most of this great talent. The European? We must first safeguard the integrity of the boy. He must follow his program well followed by the health professionals. Rome is a very attentive society on this profile, we must position ourselves downstream of any choice, first of all for the sanitary ware and then for the boy's will. For us it is important and a fundamental pawn, but its integrity comes first ”. Also Gianluca Mancini is Lorenzo Pellegrini they went to visit Nicolò Zaniolo to Villa Stuart this afternoon. The two Giallorossi players have joined the long list of people who, personally or from a distance, have shown affection and warmth at number 22 of Rome.

Accident Zaniolo: the words of Professor Cerulli

The accident of Nicolò Zaniolo is the topic of the moment at home in Rome and Professor Cerulli also spoke about it to NSL Radio TV, speculating causes and recovery times: "Surely what happened happened, knowing the Giallorossi staff I believe that Nicolò did not have a predisposing condition in act. There is no doubt that there is another element that is discussed in the United States, the concept of load, 'load management', the dosage of loads. There was a break for the Christmas holidays, a period in which athletes rest more, but to preserve the ligaments, especially the crusaders, you have to train your knee with proprioceptive exercises and if you interrupt the training circuit you then run the risk of incurring in this injury. It must also be said that there are many close races and that the traditional pre-season retreats are no longer done. Recovery time? We must avoid records in recovery, it is better to talk about six months because there is a biological healing to be respected ".

Transfer market: agreement reached between Rome and Inter for the Politano-Spinazzola exchange

The accident of Nicolò Zaniolo has changed the plans related to the transfer market of Gianluca Petrachi: the priority has become the attacking exterior, which will be Matteo Politano. As reported by Sky Sport, in fact, the exterior of theInter will arrive tomorrow to support the medical visits. It will do the same Spinazzola, who will move to the court of With you. The agreement between the clubs was reached during the evening and the agents of the two players are discussing the issues related to the engagement in these hours.

Look Who's Talking…

On the Giallorossi radio frequencies the theme of the day was certainly the one related to the exchange Politano-Spinazzola. Many ideas about the two players, such as that of Max Light, happy for the return of the Roman outsider: "Long live Matteo Politano! Although I am not completely convinced of the operation, not for the value of this purchase, but for the inclusion in the Spinazzola business. I am happy with the return of a Roman and Romanist boy, who I believe can certainly be useful to Rome, because Politano increases the technical figure of the Giallorossi attack. The painful note is the sale of Spinazzola: nobody takes it badly from the parts of Trigoria, but this seems yet another operation by improvisers of Fraschetta, because the second highest paid footballer in the history of Rome, is dismissed as an old carcass after six months". Less convinced of the operation Piero Torri: “The exchange between Politano and Spinazzola does not convince me. Did we really need another tall Roma player? And how can you sell Under well if he doesn't even play with injured Zaniolo? Plus, you have to go get another full back. It seems to me that in this way Rome is complicating life ".

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