Mexes: “Rome was the icing on the cake, I would go back to do another seven seasons. The Giallorossi deserve a trophy "

TRS – Philippe Mexes, a former defender of Rome and Milan among others, spoke this afternoon to the microphones of the radio station to talk about his past in yellow and red and the current situation of the Capitoline club. These are his words:
  You have been so loved in Rome …
Rome was the icing on the cake, I would go back to do another seven seasons. I had a really great time, it's an extraordinary square for the public, the city and the history. It was an honor to prune this shirt and honor it in the best possible way. There were beautiful moments and a bit more difficult moments but we were lucky enough to be able to leave a positive image of this Rome that deserved it well.
  How has the football generation changed compared to yours?
Honestly, I'm a little out of touch right now. Of course Daniele De Rossi has left, with Totti it went a little like this. But Francesco is Francesco and his farewell was a blow to the heart. I don't know what happened with this company, there are changes. Today as today it is a faster football, we do not become attached as before. Become a market and there are no solid foundations anymore. That's why I quit, I didn't feel like playing just for the money. I could continue up to 40 years because the passion is there but I didn't want to go to China or Dubai. I chose to stay close to my parents and my family, then the world of football changed and I was slightly disappointed.
  What does it mean to win the Italian Cup?
They are always beautiful memories, winning is always beautiful but here we are still talking about a cup. The victory remains in history forever and seeing the name of Rome written on the cup was beautiful. Even Ronaldo who has won a lot of an Italian Cup too. Rome is a company that deserves to win, it's nice to see it win.
  How important is the Rome environment to the results?
It certainly matters, it was nice when the fans got on the bus before the derby and you understood how much this sport mattered to people. It made an impression on me, I was lucky enough to be able not to read and not listen, I never knew what they thought of my performances, I didn't need an external judgment. It was enough to have self-criticism and that's what players are missing today, it only matters to appear …
  A message to Zaniolo?
I wish him a good recovery and come back soon and stronger than before. I didn't know him but I followed him a bit and I think he's the new star of Rome. I hope he has his head on his shoulders and that he can hold on because when these blows arrive at the best time it is always difficult. I am confident because the injury makes you come back stronger and stronger and with a different head.

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