EXCLUSIVE RN. Gianni Bismark tells his Rome: from Totti to De Rossi, passing through Zaniolo. And that dream in the drawer …

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW GIANNI BISMARK – Football and music often go hand in hand. This is the case with Tiziano Menghi, in art Gianni Bismark, one of the hottest singers in the rap / trap scene. Raised in the Garbatella district, he makes Rome his inspirational muse for writing his texts. Almost a year after the album release "KING WITHOUT CROWN" the romanews.eu editorial staff contacted Titian Menghi to talk about his future plans and his link with Rome. "It represents a beautiful slice of my life", so the artist answers the question of the importance of placing Roman origins and love for yellow and red colors at the center of his writing. Raised in the myth of Francis Totti, now Gianni Bismark he dreams of being able to write an anthem dedicated to his favorite team. During the interview many anecdotes related to Rome, to the city and to the curious choice of its stage name. Enjoy the reading!

Interview conducted by
Daniele Matera

Let's start from the match against Juventus. A bad defeat, the second consecutive of Roma, what did the team miss?

“The first time there was no hunger in my opinion. Lazio
he won and it was important to win or take at least one point. Then all of these
injuries, the last one being Zaniolo's, aggravate the morale of the team. "

Moving on to Zaniolo, in your piece "Re de Roma", which is in fact a tribute to Francesco Totti, you say: "You must see that you are number 1 as the captain after an injury", this phrase can also be dedicated to Nicolò Zaniolo?

"Let's hope. I think we can recover 100% because he is a very strong boy. Totti got up after a bad fall and the important thing is to get up and do better than before. I hope for him that that is the way, also because Strootman when he got hurt he never came back the same as before, Florenzi seems to be another player. So let's cross our fingers because it's not easy to recover from an injury, mentally it will kill you. "

In your piece “Gianni
B ", as in others, refer precisely to the amatriciana at 1/4 of
red, Totti and De Rossi. Aspects of a deep-rooted Romanity. How much is important
take your roots in your lyrics?

“It is very important, my lyrics are made of
stories. As Roma and Rome cities take a good part of my life.
These are things that I feel I have to tell and that I live ”.

In "Re Senza
Corona ", the last piece of your album, there is a part spoken at the end
of the song. There you say that your dad did not bring you to punishment
at the stadium. Here's what the Stadium represented and represents for you, follow the
Live Rome and experience it first hand?

“It was all. Even now climbing those steps, to the last steps until you enter the stadium makes me shiver. Accustomed to television, then as a child you start to see it live is another matter entirely. Going to the stadium as a kid mattered more than anything else. For example, if I got a bad grade or went to school badly, my dad would tell me 'Tomorrow I won't take you to the stadium' to punish me. "

Browsing on yours
Instagram stories you see that you are not only tied to the first team
of Rome, but also follow spring. Who is among those young players
that you would see well in the first team?

“I like Alessio Riccardi so much. Play in the role that
I was playing as a boy, so I like him very much as a player. "

Gianni Bismark
what relationship did he have with football?

“As a boy I played a lot and I play a lot on this. I was very strong at playing football, I played behind the toes and I was strong strong. Unfortunately I didn't have the head, it's like the saying 'When you have bread you don't have teeth'. Fortunately, I found another way with music. "

Gianni Bismark Guigou
Martinez, Roma midfielder from 2000 to 2003. You have this player
taken your stage name. But why Guigou and not a player who
maybe it was even more important in the Scudetto year, maybe Gabriel

“It's more of a funnie factor. He was giving the fried, not
he was great at playing but he always put grit and sweat on the shirt.
These are the things you attach yourself to. "

"If I say As Roma I mean Totti and the shirt", you have repeatedly said that Totti is an idol for you. What is the most beautiful memory you carry within you linked to Francesco Totti and what is the ugliest / saddest one?

“The best is certainly the championship. The saddest
it's when he hurt himself because you didn't know if he would recover or not. "

De Rossi has left
football has officially returned to Rome. What was Daniele De Rossi for
you? Would you see it well inside Rome?

“De Rossi was more of a fan on the pitch, the type with whom you could trade beer in the south corner. Totti was the captain, De Rossi instead I see him more like this. In Rome I would see it well and for me it would be a dream. He should return to Rome, maybe in a few years. On the yellow and red bench I would see it well, not immediately, but maybe in 2 years. It would be beautiful. "

Now there is Fonseca on
Roma bench. What is your opinion so far?

“I am enjoying it. He raised the team, took her hand. I don't even know whether to call her a team because they have zeroed everything, but he is doing a great job. "

At one year
from the release of your album "RE SENZA CORONA" what are your plans now
by Gianni Bismark?

“Very soon I will launch something. I am closing an album and there will be some news that I will say on my Instagram profile ".

The hymn of Rome is sung by Antonello Venditti who, on the occasion of the third championship, also wrote the song "Che cèè". Would you like to write a piece dedicated to Rome in case of an important victory?

"Would be a dream. My childhood dream was to be able to play with Roma, but now that I sing it would be to dedicate an anthem to him with all the stadium that intones him. Just the thought makes me goosebumps. "

Daniele Matera

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