Roma Women, Bonfantini: "It will be a special match against Inter"

Agnes Bonfantini, soccer player of the Female Rome, released an interview during the Women’s Weekly program. These are his words:

"It will be a special game for me return to play in the field of Milan, sI grew up there and it will really be an important game. We come from a victory and we certainly want to win the three points again. They are a very young team with high-profile players; it won't be easy but we will try to do our best. Surely it wasn't our best game. Their narrow line put us in difficulty as we are a team that plays a lot on the external cuts and low ball, it was difficult even for their very aggressive way of pressing. But winning was very important for the mood of the team, now we have another big game at Inter and we will try to do our best to win it. The goal is the engagement, we are at -2 from Milan and -1 from Fiorentina e we want to do our best to get closer and closer to the summit. I chose to stay at Rome because I was very interested in this project, we are a young team and Rome wants to make young people grow in a particular way. We are also supported by experienced players who help the younger ones grow. This year there is more competition in attack, very strong and experienced players have arrived but I will always try to give my best to win the coach's confidence ".

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