Smalling and Mancini close the door: Lautaro and Lukaku are less afraid

The six goals conceded by the Rome in the last nine league games they bear the strong mark of Smalling and Mancini. When Fonseca in the emergency fielded the former Atalanta next to Veretout, he already knew that after the storm had passed that would have been his most reliable pair of plants. And the two now live in symbiosis. An example? The photo of the exultation of 3-1 in Verona, in which they both raise their right arm shouting towards the guest sector. Rated ten to synchrony but I vote ten above all for the transformation of the Rome, which from band of the hole has become one of the best defenses of the A league. Inter, the next opponents of the Giallorossi, conceded twelve goals in the same period. Twice.

YOU CAN NOT PASS – Lecce, Cagliari, Sampdoria, Brescia, Basaksehir and Verona. These are the six games in which Smalling is Mancini they played together at the defense center. Two goals conceded, with an average of 0.33 per game. And although it is true that at the Bentegodi the team has suffered more than expected, when they are not next to each other things change: the expected goal (the networks "expected" calculated thanks to an algorithm) they go from 1.3 to 0.67. Practically without them you risk suffering twice as many goals. And even at European level they are candidates to become one of the most reliable couples: they have done better Evans is Soyuncu, who at Everton have conceded nine goals in 14 games, making the former Ranieri's club the Premier's second force behind Liverpool. Definitely the harmony between Bonucci is de Ligt, who together have collected 13 goals in 15 games, the last two Sunday with Sassuolo.

MATURITY – For Mancini-Smalling still no opponent of blazon and precisely for this against Inter Lautaro Martinez is Lukaku will be the first real maturity exam. In the only big matches the Fonseca pair never partnered in defense: against Lazio it was too early to see the English central, with Atalanta Gianluca was disqualified and against Milan and Napoli had played in midfield. In front of them they will have the most fit couple in Europe: Lautaro arrives from two consecutive doublets and is already at 13 goals and 6 assists, Lukaku it is 11 plus two. Numbers from giants, far from the best in Rome (Dzeko and Zaniolo, who scored eight and five goals). But with Smalling and Mancini they do a little less afraid.

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