Rome, test of strength

IL MESSAGGERO (U. TRANI) – The watchword of the new course is simple and at the same time abundant. It is enough to say balance to recognize Rome. That of Fonseca in the communication inside (and outside) and in the method in training (and in the game). And that of the team in the participation in the locker room and in the behavior in the field. The 4th place (at 28 points with Cagliari but ahead for goal difference: +1) is the summary of the work carried out by the coach who, without crying over the volley of injuries (Kluivert is the 21st: today ultrasound to evaluate the contusion, with effusion, to the thigh), has technically, tactically and characterically re-qualified this group. Which today is prepared and united. Ready, therefore, to study to become great. Without getting scared in front of any exam. He has the personality to face it. With bravado or humility. The Verona stage has certified the depth of the Giallorossi interpreters. Winning, while making the performance dirty. Orange for the goal or to throw the ball in the stands. Refined or essential gesture.
  LAW OF STABILITY – The test of strength of the Bentegodi has confirmed the regularity of the Rome. The yield rises from game to game: 5 successes in the last 6 of the championship. At home 14 points won just like away. And the advantage of 8 points in the classification on Di Francesco management, with 3 less goals conceded and 2 more goals. Fonseca managed to convey his idea. Which does not always provide the same recitation because in front of it there is also the opponent with his characteristics. Domain, management and practicality: the formula must be chosen in the preparation of the match. The action of Kluivert's goal, as Pellegrini recounted, began in Trigoria last week: the Portuguese lesson learned by heart. In short, players' knowledge has increased. The data on the ball possession in the Verona challenge shows how the coach has decided to win just changing the score: here is the lowest (42.2%) in the 14 races of this tournament. It is not the only success obtained by the Giallorossi giving up the initiative: the same choice was made to beat Sassuolo, Milan, Udinese and Napoli. And without looking at the game system of the rival of the day (always different in the 5 games won). l Only 2, however, the knockouts without having the ball possession: against Atalanta and Moenchengladbach (negative peak: 40.6 percent against Borussia).
  MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY – Fonseca has conquered the group with clarity. He has always looked his interlocutor in the face to explain to him every decision. No word bluff. This is demonstrated by the recent exclusions of Florenzi and Fazio. The captain and the commander on the bench because the priority goes to Rome, never to the individual. Inside the young, if they are fit, and outside the senators, if they are not at the top. The rule is the same for any interpreter. Starting formation confirmed for ten-elevenths against Verona despite the obvious fatigue after the Istanbul race. Space for the best of the moment. Using the benches when and where they are needed: Perotti (13th seasonal scorer) was the 1st change because he was the most suitable to play on the left instead of the injured Kluivert; Mkhitaryan entered as an attacking midfielder, with Pellegrini moved from an offensive exterior, because on the right, where he started Under, he is not at ease. Never improvisation nor sop. Useless in the Champions race, as any distraction (and the coach avoided it) on the change of ownership.

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