Racism, De Siervo: "We will punish those responsible for each corner"

«To pass to be the one who silences, maybe I could silence them. The objective is the opposite, to go and take them one by one, punish them severely in the most serious form, that is expulsion in time or definitively from the stadiums ". Luigi De Siervo answers in the press conference in which he explains his statements in the audio of the Council published by the website of the newspaper 'La Repubblica' in which he says he wants to silence the microphones directed towards the Curves. "But not for this – he adds – we can allow ten, twenty, thirty, people to ruin the image of a city or a country, that's the point. Without going to bother the senator Segre, this is a country that unfortunately forgets too quickly and the football on this must set a good example. We will go stage by stage, curve by curve to identify those responsible and make it impossible for them to enter the stadium ».
 De Siervo announced the lawsuit after the release of the audio. "The complaint – he continues – will also concern the stolen audio and sent to the Business Insider site on the election of Gaetano Miccichè. It's not because it's about me, we had already done it. This of the Council is even more serious because it concerns a cellular phone on the table that intercepts the item in a specious manner ".

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