Friedkin Group, press release against accusations of tax evasion in Tanzania: "False and deceptive articles. Never brought money out of the country"

In recent days, through the African newspapers, accusations have been made against the Friedkin group operating in Tanzania for evading taxes. The Texan magnate's company, also interested in Rome, responded with a press release: "The Friedkin Companies in Tanzania have operated in the hotel industry and conservation industries in Tanzania for over 35 years, during which time we have established a strong relationship both with the government and with the communities in which we operate. Our activities in Tanzania are motivated by our deep commitment to protecting the environment and charity. Consistently with our mission, we have never brought money out of the country. We paid billions of Shillings in taxes and invested billions in local communities to help the economic development of this extraordinary country, which we love deeply. We have hired more than 500 Tanzanians We oppose the recent, false and deceptive new articles that have the intent to divulge misinformation about the operations of our companies in Tanzania, the group will be committed to maximum diligence will continue to cooperate and help the government in all its efforts. We look forward to working with the authorities to complete the matter ".

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