Under is the discordant note of Verona: 0 shots on goal and opportunities created, an evening to forget

UNDER FURTHER NUMBERS – After the game with theIstanbul Basaksehir he had uttered a desperate cry hoping to be heard by Fonseca: "When I get back from the first minute, I'll show how good I am". And yet, despite the Portuguese technician deployed him from 1, Cengiz Under is undoubtedly the only discordant note of success suffered and deserved against theHellas Verona. The Turkish talent, in fact, in the '67 of Bentegodi he appeared distracted, heavy and out of shape. And the numbers of the race testify to the negative evening of that talent which, for almost a year and a half, has been seen in flashes in Rome. Or maybe not even those anymore.

Under Cengiz holder with Verona: the numbers of an evening to forget

The occasion was tempting: to return to the stadium where he scored the first goal with Roma and as a starter, given the absence due to disqualification of Nicolò Zaniolo. Under, however, did not take the opportunity on another evening to forget for the class of '97. Never dangerous on the parts of Silvestri with 0 shots on goal and no scoring opportunity created, 3 turnovers, plus only 9 successful passes: solo Mkhitaryan is Fazio entered the final e Kluivert released prematurely due to injury they did worse. And it's not over here. Among the players who started the game as a starter, Under is the one who played less balls: only 20.

2019 is ending: Under's annus horribilis

There is a reason for consolation for Under: 2019 is ending. For the former Istanbul Basaksehir it was a real ‘annus horribilis": Only 575 minutes played and 2 goals scored due to the many physical problems. Cengiz, however, has two weapons available to get up again: a great talent that has bewitched everyone here Rome and the trust of Fonseca. The imperative is now to find the best physical form, to then return to making goals and assists. In the summer he signed the contract renewal 2023: there is time to do well, the hope is that the decisive spark will arrive as soon as possible to start enchanting again. Just the one he shot almost two years ago at the Bentegodi.

Alessandro Tagliaboschi


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