Fonseca: "The team is tired, it's not a question of attitude. After the break, Mkhitaryan returns ”(VIDEO)

PARMA ROME FONSECA INTERVIEW – All the statements of the Giallorossi coach Paulo Fonseca on the occasion of Parma-Roma, valid match for the twelfth day of Serie A.

Fonseca a Sky Sport

Bad unexpected blow …
It is clear that the team is tired right now. These players have made all the last matches. It is not a question of attitude, we have no reaction, we are not faster. We didn't have a game to win.

Parma's first goal, as against Borussia, arrived from a man without pressure …
Parma has always been dangerous on the counterattack, it has created situations. Our team risked it. We didn't see the situation well, it was a counter-attack with a player in the middle of the area that beats one of ours. We did not make a safe match at a time of defensive transition. In the first half we had problems right now.

Do you suffer very physical teams?
Yes, it's not a question of attitude. We have players who have raced a lot. We have no reaction in the first few meters, the team is slow to think about reacting. It was a difficult game because Parma are an excellent team and deserved the victory.

Dzeko nervous, is this a long period without goals a coincidence?
It's a coincidence. It is true that today we have not had many opportunities against a team that is always low. It's more difficult for Dzeko, but you can't just see the goal situation. Dzeko is working hard for the team, it's causality.

Who will be available again after the break?
We hope the other players can come back now. Pilgrims see, but Mkhitaryna is sure to return.

Team tired due to injuries, parking is useful to recover …
True, we have always played with them. We do not have the possibility to change and today it is clear that we have paid for it.

Fonseca in Rome TV

The feeling is that you were a little tired. Is this the reason for the defeat or are there other factors?
"I think the team was tired, many have played all the games and it's not a question of attitude. There was fatigue, the players were slower and less reactive ".

At the beginning of the second half you could have taken the lead. Was the team cynical or was there fatigue even at that juncture?
"We have had several occasions but it is true that Parma was very dangerous on the counterattack. If you don't make goals before the others it becomes difficult. Parma scored and then lowered the center of gravity and it was difficult for us ”.

How do you handle the game in these situations? More ball possession and one on one? The goal among other things came with the side team.
“We also had difficulties in the first half in counter-attacks, preventive markings were not done well. In attack we did little, we did not make superiority in the corridors and there was no space in the center. Pastore was tired and was not very influential. It is a determining factor in attack ”.

On a tactical level, Dzeko seemed to be often alone. Kluivert and Zaniolo often came to the midfield to try to get the ball. Was it a desired situation?
"It is true Dzeko has often been left too alone, Kluivert and Zaniolo were looking for space on the wing, I think Kluivert has played a good game. Pastore was often not close to Dzeko and so he suffered this. "

Fonseca at a press conference


"I think it's clear to everyone that we're tired. We have done all the last games with the usual players. We have been slow to react and to think against a very strong team on the counterattack. We did not make good preventive markings. Parma had many chances and played dangerously on the counterattack "

Were there players to use on the bench?
As I said, Under and Diawara are not ready for 90 minutes. When the team wins it's normal that you don't want to change. We hope to recover some injured for the next game.

Dzeko opens many spaces but in the last games he has never pulled in the goal.
Today Dzeko was only in attack but it is also true that Parma played a good defensive game, gave no space and we did not do much cross. With a low team we can make the difference with the cross but we didn't. But I have to say that Dzeko has not scored in recent games but he works a lot for the team. Dzeko was also a little tired.

How do you judge Mancini?
It has adapted well. He raced a lot, as always, he played a good game.

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