Parma-Rome, the Fonseca conference

PARMA ROME CONFERENCE FONSECA – After facing the Borussia Monchengladbach, the Rome left Germany to go directly to Parma. The Giallorossi will challenge the team of D'Aversa tomorrow at Tardini. The race, valid for the 12th round of Serie A, is scheduled at 6.00 pm. Today at 14.30 Fonseca will intervene as usual at a press conference.



Seventh game in three weeks. It was a very long and tiring journey. The other day you could allow yourself to deploy a formation very similar to that of Rome-Naples and five days have passed. This time less than three are missing, this thing can affect your training decisions?
"It is true that we have played many games at the moment, but I would not change much for the match against Parma. We need to understand that when the team is doing well we don't need to change much. It is true that we have played many games but I don't think I will change much. "

What mood does the team have after the game last night? Is it more the regret for the result or the conviction of having played a good game?
"They understand that we have lost and when this is the case the team must feel that it must change, it must fight more to change in the next game, but the team has confidence. We had a good game. It is true that we have lost but the team has confidence ".

Tomorrow we play against a team that on paper, as we play, can be very dangerous because they close well behind and play on the restarts, Gervinho is very fast on everyone. Does it mean that there is a type of team that is more or less difficult for the game we play?
"They are all difficult. It is true that this team is very strong on the counterattack, the individual action of Gervinho is very dangerous. I think that tomorrow we will have a very difficult match against a good team ".

We were talking about this cycle of very close matches and will end with the Parma game. Did you expect such a strong reaction, so important for the group in a difficult period? Because they have almost always played the same …
"Yes the team is doing well, all together we had a good game and I expected the team to play well right now. As I told you, the team has confidence, has a great collective goal and for me this is the most important thing ".

A doubt arises because a new role for Mancini was born in the emergency. Diawara is back in Germany, at this point many people ask themselves: Mancini what is he doing? Back to the central defender and also the backward record, something that surely can help the team or do you also see that role in the boy's future there, that of the median?
"I always think only of the next game. Tomorrow it is true that Diawara is not ready for 90 ', Mancini will play in this position tomorrow ".

Spinazzola is back, has he trained, is he okay?
"Yes, it's ready."

A curiosity that comes to me to ask is this: Roma lost only two games this year: they lost two games against two teams that at least initially put themselves in the same way on the field or with a three-man defense. Then later, if I'm not mistaken, Borussia has changed. Is there a tactical difficulty in facing teams that have this attitude according to you?
"I think our team has no difficulty in facing a team that starts with three central defenders. For me it's just a coincidence ".

During this season, Roma carries a few referee errors that have affected the results, fatally even in the last game: a trivial mistake, the ball that came out of the field and the referee who didn't notice and then he brought the goal. Do players risk losing belief in the face of these errors which can then have important repercussions in the season?
"No, for me they have no excuse for the question of the referee. We need to understand that we can only control what we can do. We can't control other things. The team must understand that we have to play with great ambition and attitude, we can't control the other things ".

Florenzi has been called up to the national team despite the fact that at this moment there is no place in Rome. Is there a chance to see him tomorrow or do you see him behind the other players right now especially for the right-back role?
"He always has the opportunity to play because he always works well, he is always ready to help the team. This is important to me, to hear that Florenzi is always ready for the team. He is working well, he is an option ".

Are you happy that you have been called up to the national team and that perhaps in this difficult moment you can find confidence and enthusiasm?
"I haven't talked to Florenzi about the summons."

In the last game you did not take advantage of some counterattack situations. It is a situation that worries you, have you worked in this respect?
"We don't have much time to work. We train today, it is a normal situation, I think that in the last game Borussia was not very dangerous, he didn't have many chances to score. I think the team looks good in all defensive moments. She is sure, it is clear that we can learn things in the team but the team is doing well in the defensive moment ".


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