It's all Fazio: own goal and goal. But in the end it's ko

Before own goal, then the equalizer net, then the oversight that leads to the Germans 2-1: Federico Fazio decided the game against Borussia Moenchengladbach, writes Francesca Ferrazza on "La Repubblica". The defender featured the match Europe League, deflecting the ball behind at first time Pau Lopez (even if the own goal seems spoiled from the exit beyond the bottom line of the ball, before passing through the Roman area). In the second half the final 1-1 goal. And, in the minutes of recovery, he slept while Thuram stabbed Lopez by the head in the 95th.

They were three fans stopped by the police of Rome found in possession of dangerous material. To protest the ultras present in the guest sector have raised the banners with the names of the groups, stopping to cheer the team. But the news is fifth consecutive exclusion from Florenzi's lead training. IS Gianluca Petrachi to explain Fonseca's choice. "Everyone in Rome plays, even those who thought they were on the edge, still find a leading role ".

The article It's all Fazio: own goal and goal. But in the end it's ko seems to be the first up

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