Serie A Female, Roma-Empoli 4-0: the Giallorossi's poker. Serturini, Giugliano untiring again, to sign

SERIES AT FEMALE ROME EMPOLI – La Female Rome beats theEmpoli with a convincing one 4-0. Second consecutive victory for the girls of Betty Bavagnoli which rise to 6 points in 3 games. Race immediately downhill for the Giallorossi who after 10 minutes are already on the double advantage thanks to the goals of Bernauer is Thomas. A sign also Serturini, which is repeated after the goal at Fiorentina in the last day. Excellent performance of all the girls, especially that of the usual Giugliano, author of two assists. Of note also a nice handover. Bartoli in fact, at the time of replacement, he sold the captain's armband to the young woman Jade Greggi. Golden moment for the 2000 class midfielder, who after feeling the excitement of his debut in the National team, also savors that of guiding the team of his city.


Dal Tre Fontane
Claudia Belli


ROME (4-3-3): Ceasar; Erzen, Pettenuzzo, Di Criscio (86 ′ Cunsolo), Bartoli; Bernauer (67 ′ Greggi), Giugliano, Hegerberg; Bonfantini (75 ′ Andressa), Thomas, Serturini.
To avail.: Casaroli, Soffia, Swaby, Ciccotti, Coluccini, Greggi, Thestrup.
All.: Elisabetta Bavagnoli

EMPOLI (4-3-1-2): Lugli; Of Guglielmo, Garnier (51 ′ Varriale), Giatras, Boglioni (80 ′ Papaleo); Cinotti, Simonetti, Prugna; Mastalli; Acutes, Hjolman.
To avail.: Fabiano, Mancuso, Caucci, De Vecchis, De Rita, Cotrer, Petkova.
All.: Alessandro Pistolesi

Referee: Mr. Pistarelli

Markers: 2 ′ Bernauer, 11 ′ Thomas, 55 ′ Bonfantini, 82 ′ Serturini.



90‘- 3 minutes will be recovered.

86‘- Last substitution for the Giallorossi: the captain comes out Bartoli, admonished, and enter Cunsolo.

82 ′ – GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL of Rome, also puts the signature Serturini!!!

78"We still try Acuti who takes advantage of a hole in the Giallorossi defense. The Empoli striker however fails to touch the ball well: a goalkeeper battut

77‘- Cinotti tries from the baseline: he starts a tense cross that worries the Giallorossi defense. Hjohlman looks for the deviation but Ceasar steals her time and gets the ball.

75‘- Second substitution for Rome: leaves the field Bonfantini, in his place he enters Andressa.

67‘- First substitution for Rome: exits Bernauer, author of a goal, and enters Flocks.

66 ′ – Rome continues to be found uncovered in defense: Acuti takes advantage of it again, face-to-face with Ceasar, pulling high.

60‘- Empoli starts again on the break. He thinks about it Pettenuzzi to foil the danger.

56 ′ – Opportunity also for Empoli: Prugna tries but the ball hits the crossbar.

55 '- Rome GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Perfect diagonal for Agnese Bonfantini. Right-footed shot, ball kissing the post and slipping into the corner. Beautiful percussion on the right of Thomas.

51 ' – Free kick for Empoli. To beat it goes Simonetti which, however, sends the ball directly into the corner.

48‘- We try Rome with a nice throw from the trocar of Serturini. The Giallorossi striker tries to put her in the middle for Thomas but the ball is intercepted by a defender Empoli.

46"Start the second half.


45 ' – Double whistle. The first half ends.

33 ′ – Empoli keep sticking with Treble. The attacker steals the ball on the front and tries to find the net but does not hit the ball well: the shot is weak, Ceasar para without problems.

31 ′ – Simonetti touches the former goal: steals the ball to the edge of the penalty area and takes it to the far end of the court. Try the shot but it ends just outside. Excellent the action of the former giallorossa.

27 ′ – Rome finds itself uncovered in defense: Hjohlman takes advantage of it and flies to you-for-you with Ceasar. The Giallorossi goalkeeper manages to find the perfect time for the exit by deflecting the ball into the corner but the assistant raises the flag: it was offside.

19‘- Traverse of Bernauer! The Giallorossi looks for the right-footed shot but Lugli manages to touch just enough to avoid the net.

11 ' – GOOOOOOOL! The doubling of Rome comes. The network is signed Thomas.

2' – GOOOAOOOOOL of Rome! Bernauer uses an assist from Serturini and immediately puts Betty Bavagnoli's girls in the lead!

1 ' – Start the match!

romanews-roma-female-empoli-three fountains

3.00 pm – Before the kick-off a minute of silence was observed for the disappearance of Giorgio Squinzi.

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