HAPPY: "Ranieri worries me, he always did well at first" – AGRESTI: "Rome's problem is Kalinic, it cannot replace Dzeko"

With the stop for the current Nationals, the Roman radios are projected to the commitment that awaits Rome at the resumption of the championship: the transfer against Claudio Ranieri's Sampdoria. "Against the former Giallorossi coach, Roma risks without Dzeko. One thing is the team with the Bosnian striker, another thing is the team without him", said Furio Focolari. "I am worried about the emergency in midfield," says Federico Nisii.
   "I see him in the role that Bale plays in Real", the thought of Roberto Pruzzo on Zaniolo. "He has a superior talent", says Alessandro Austini.
 This and much more in "Massimo Ascolto", column of LAROMA24.IT, edited by the editors. A walk among the most important radio programs of the Capital. Enjoy the reading.
 I would have preferred to face Di Francesco after the break. Ranieri worries me, the first game has always transmitted great enthusiasm to the players. Sampdoria will not be a great team but someone like Ranieri has such a vast experience that I don't think he will go to Serie B. The coach has a lot of experience and will need little to try to resolve the situation (ANTONIO FELICI, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5 )
 In the league the public has a little stunted, we have never been able to do the full house like Italy will do this evening. The problem is not the stadium, or the difficulties there are to get there, but there are other problems. Many fans no longer feel Roma like them. The Rome derby has always counted more than anything, but today I can't blame Pau Lopez who says he didn't hear the game as he felt the Seville derby (FRANCESCO BALZANI, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5)
 I believe that Rome had to dissociate itself after what it did Under. He represents the club, and must be careful about what he does. The footballer can express all the opinions he wants, but he is a member of a Serie A company. La Samp? I believe that Rome needs to get going quickly, the only thing is that Kalinic cannot replace Dzeko, he is a player in trouble for a couple of years (STEFANO AGRESTI, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)
 Under? I think the company should talk to the footballer without making it public. Let us not forget, however, that Rome's ownership is American, and we know the relations between the US and Turkey. In view of the Samp I am worried about the Rome attack, Kalinic cannot be the owner of a team that plans to grow (TONY DAMASCELLI, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)
  Ranieri at the first is usually always a result, and Roma has too many absences. Even if a couple of players were to recover, they are unlikely to fit. I still expect a victory for Roma, the team must change pace (NANDO ORSI, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)
 Fonseca has the task of getting the situation back on its feet but it has many injuries and it is difficult. Zaniolo? Where you put it is, it's a player who is adapting to all the roles to play. In a hypothetical 4-3-3 I would put it on the band because if it finds the space it becomes difficult to stop it. If instead it is caged in the strait, it is limited. I see him in the role that Bale plays in Real (ROBERTO PRUZZO, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio, Morning, Sport & News)
 Roma must take advantage of this negative period of Sampdoria and must win. Zaniolo? It is not possible that someone like him, who has extraordinary qualities both physically and technically, cannot find a place in this National Team, it should be found. The Romanist and Kean must understand that professionalism at these levels is different, it is not a game (FERNANDO ORSI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio, Morning, Sport & News)
 I'm worried about the emergency in midfield. Roma cannot think of facing this cycle of matches with only two role players, namely Cristante and Veretout. Waiting for Diawara and beyond Pellegrini, Fonseca could imagine a change of form by withdrawing Zaniolo (FEDERICO NISII, Tele Radio Stereo, 92.7)
 Mancini strongly believes in Zaniolo and possibly a bench or an exclusion of it can be propaedeutic for its growth. In the behavior of the coach with the Roman player I see a lot the relationship of the first times with Balotelli (SANDRO SABATINI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio, Mattino, Sport & News)
 Against Ranieri, Rome risks without Dzeko. One account is the team with the Bosnian striker, another account is the team without him (FURIO FOCOLARI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio, Morning, Sport & News)
 I hope to see Riccardi in the first team too, as long as Fonseca believes in young people (ROBERTO RENGA, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio, Morning, Sport & News)
 I think we will see Kalinic against Sampdoria: he is the alternative to Dzeko and the player who replaced Schick (GIANLUCA LENGUA, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio, Morning, Sport & News)
 Zaniolo has a superior talent: every time I see him play he gives me the impression of being a different player and is only showing a percentage of his technical background. I do not mind the management that Fonseca is doing of its minutes. It seems to me mathematical that some matches will play as a midfielder (ALESSANDRO AUSTINI, Tele Radio Stereo, 92.7)

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