News of the day. We see Perotti again, close to Under and Mkhitaryan. Hysaj as vice-Florenzi

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Here Trigoria

The championship stops, but the Rome continues to work. Today the team of Fonseca took to the field for the usual morning training session, which included an athletic part, starting from the laps, and a tactical part. Perotti he returned partially in a group, yet individual instead for the other injured. Custom work also for Dzeko after post-operative rest.

Indentations of Under and Mkhitaryan

But now the Rome can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The return of Under is Mkhitaryan is near. The coach hopes that their return to the field will aid the attack, no longer prolific as at the start of the season. The problem is clear: the Rome continues to make many shots, starting mainly from the feet of Dzeko, but that lack precision. It will therefore be up to the Turkish and the former Arsenal take the right measures to send the ball into the net.

In search of the Zappacosta substitute: here is Hysaj

Following the accident of Zappacosta, the Rome is back to looking at the market. Among the most appreciated players a Petrachi there is Hysaj, finished at the edge of Naples. The Albanian, followed by the same prosecutor of Veretout, Giuffredi, Could leave the Neapolitans to move to Rome already in January. Two conditions must be fulfilled for the business to go through. First, the Naples must lower the claims for the card from 20 to 10 million euros. Furthermore, the Rome will have to convince the Chelsea to terminate the loan early Zappacosta in the capital, given that the current contract would tie the Italian fullback to the Giallorossi until the end of the season. The former turin in fact it would be available again only in 2020, leaving the role of deputy Florenzi substantially discovered until then.


Robin Olsen in Giallorossi he experienced a complicated season. The Swede managed to show his skills in the national and international jerseys only in flashes Copenhagen. In this new season, however, with the shirt of Cagliari, is getting the ransom. Arrived at Cagliari following the accident of Cragno, appointed holder of the Sardinians, Olsen he should have protected the team's poles Maran only until the blue goalkeeper reintegrates. Instead, thanks to his parades and his personality, the Swede is convincing the company of Giulini to confirm it. To do so, however, it will be necessary to find an agreement with the Rome, still holder of the Swedish card, having given the services only temporarily.

Samp-Roma, tickets from the guest sector

THE'as Roma announces that from 9:30 am on Friday 11 October it will be possible to buy tickets reserved for Giallorossi fans for the challenge at the home of Sampdoria. The match, valid for the eighth day of A league, will be played at the Luigi Ferraris stadium on Sunday 20 October at 15:00. Click here for all sales methods.

Racist insults to Juan Jesus, the fan out of hand

Justice takes its course. He was denounced by the Digos police officers of Rome the alleged perpetrator of racist comments that appeared in Juan's Instagram profile at the end of August Jesus. The man, originally from Civitavecchia, has been denounced for threats aggravated by racial hatred and stalking. For him, a 3-year daso has already arrived. The mayor of Rome, Virginia Rays, expressed via Twitter the satisfaction for the complaint and the daspo that hit the fan, commenting on "In football and in Rome there is no room for racial hatred".

Dacourt on Rome

Olivier Dacourt has dressed the shirt of Rome between 2003 and 2006, before moving toInter. The French midfielder has returned to talk about the Giallorossi, and of the moment crossed by the A league in general. Here are some of the words of the former football player of Rome: "We must not forget that they have had for so many years Totti: it is a very important change and Rome needs time to get used to. When things went wrong he and de Rossi they were present, they were two mountains and they meant an important loss. Start a new project and it will take time for the kids who are now not familiar with the Roman environment as they knew it. Fonseca will also need time to build a new team. Players are forced to do some coaching, because to be among the top three in the standings there is a need for important players who make the difference and have to help the coach in times of difficulty, like Juventus with Ronaldo that manages to change the game by itself even when the team and the game don't work in the best way ”.

Look Who's Talking…

On the main ones Roman radio frequencies the main theme is that of injuries. Gianluca Lengua on Radio Radio Afternoon: "In midfield, Roma has problems with numbers because they will still have Diawara and Pellegrini out of the break. At the beginning of the season it was covered, but now Fonseca is not in an easy position. If the injury trend were to continue in this way Petrachi would again be forced to intervene in the market. Checco Oddo Casano at Centro Suono Sport: "I hope, especially for Fonseca, that these days of rest during which you can do little on a technical-tactical level, serve to recover at least 3-4 players in view of the new mini-cycle of races that will give a decisive mark on the season of Rome. Perotti, Under, and Mkhitaryan are three pawns that will be able to unblock the Giallorossi offensive phase, allowing injuries … ".

Claudia Belli

The article News of the day. We see Perotti again, close to Under and Mkhitaryan. Hysaj as vice-Florenzi seems to be the first up Romanews.

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