Salvini, blitz at the Flaminio stadium: "It is the symbol of the decline of Rome"

Matteo Salvini don't let go of Rome. One more step in the tour of shame, as he replayed himself, for the former Interior Minister. After the sit-in on October 4th and the inspection among the toxic fires of Fonte Laurentina, the senator of the League organized an inspection inside the Flaminio Stadium, an old sports facility abandoned in the II municipality. "Here is yet another symbol of the degradation of Rome," Facebook said live in what is an almost daily studied attack against mayor Virginia Raggi and the Five-Star Capitol.

"Let's take a walk with the inhabitants of the neighborhood among rubbish, campers and so on. For sports fans the Flaminio means something. A fig tree has also grown in the bathrooms, a nice microclimate …"he comments Salvini patrolling the area with members of the Northern League. "If anyone in the municipality is watching, – goes on, – seeing that Raggi likes me … Virginia, come and take 2 steps, take a look. You have been there for 3 and a half years and you should have understood a little of Rome".

The Flaminio has been restored for centuries. In 2018, the Councilor for Sport Daniele Frongia announced the start of reclamation, cleaning and waste removal operations. Propaedeutic operation, on paper, to the creation of a monumental park where to host also the Rugby House. It's all stopped. Symbol of degradation and, for Salvini, perfect shore to attack the Rays administration.

In the evening the answer came from Frongia: "We have started several interventions to elaborate a reclamation of the internal and surrounding areas, put in the budget about 100 thousand euros and realized the same in October last year, thanks to which we proceeded to remove the debris and waste present in the structure and cleaning the weed on the ground, including the playing field".

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