Rome on Hysaj: here are the two conditions to close

ROME HYSAJ – Following the accident of Zappacosta, the Rome is back to looking at the market. Among the most appreciated players a Petrachi there is Hysaj, finished at the edge of Naples. The Albanian, followed by the same prosecutor of Veretout, Giuffredi, Could leave the Neapolitans to move to Rome already in January.

TWO CONDITIONS – As reported by the Corriere dello Sport, it is necessary for two conditions to be met for the business to go through. First, the Naples must lower the claims for the card from 20 to 10 million euros. Furthermore, the Rome will have to convince the Chelsea to terminate the loan early Zappacosta in the capital, given that the current contract would tie the Italian fullback to the Giallorossi until the end of the season. The former turin in fact it would be available again only in 2020, leaving the role of deputy Florenzi substantially discovered until then.

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