JUAN JESUS: "In case of racist chants I would not hesitate to leave the field. Roma gave the example to Serie A by sending a strong signal"

Juan Jesus, central defender of the Rome, has released some English tabloid statements about the racist insults that were addressed to him on Instagram by a Giallorossi fan. These are the words of the Brazilian: "If racist choirs left the stands, I would not hesitate to leave the field. Roma sent a very strong signal. It gave an example to the Italian championship, we hope that the authorities will restart from this. "Atalanta? It's too little. It is inconceivable and ironic that the fans of Atalanta insult a black player when they also have them on their team, it is as if they were discriminating against their own players. I have been here in Italy for seven years and it is nice to see that racists are a minority. I have received so many beautiful messages from the fans and I thank them. We are in 2019, we cannot be discriminated for the color of our skin, it is not tolerable, it is not acceptable ".

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