Juan Jesus: "If racist choirs left the stands, I would leave the field"

JUAN JESUS ​​RACISM – "If racist choirs left the stands, I would not hesitate to leave the camp. Rome has sent a very strong signal. He gave an example to the Italian championship, we hope that the authorities will start from this ”. These are Juan's words Jesus, defender of Rome, in an interview with the British newspaper The Independent. The Brazilian spoke of the recent racist incidents he suffered.

Fine at Atalanta

"The Atalanta fine? It is too little. It is inconceivable and ironic that Atalanta supporters insult a black player when they also have them on their team, it is as if they discriminate against their own players. I've been here in Italy for seven years and it's nice to see that racists are a minority. I received so many beautiful messages from the fans and I thank them. We are in 2019, we cannot be discriminated for the color of our skin, it is not tolerable, it is not acceptable ”.

Racist insults against Juan Jesus: what happened

On September 27th Juan Jesus he had to appeal to the #NoToRacism hashtag, denouncing what happened: a fan started off with Brazilian offenses in a private message on Instagram. "Damn ape," he says. And the Giallorossi defender does not think twice, publishing the conversation in his stories: "Proud to be what I am". Rome's response was not long in coming, a few hours later, running in Juan's defense Jesus. "We reported the account to the Police and Instagram. The responsible person will be lifted from Rome matches ".

The fan's words

Andrea Dell’Aquila is the first fan excluded for life from a football stadium due to racist insults sent to Juan Jesus after the last matchesJua. Here are his words: "Excuse me: I was wrong and I don't want to look for justifications." Excuse me with Juan Jesus? Of course: I would like a meeting with him, I would like to embrace him and put an end to this thing. If Rome wants to exclude me from the stadium to life I accept it, even if I don't share it. I already know that I will be an example in Italy. Do you want to give an overbearing signal? Make me pass as a scapegoat? All right. But it is too much to go public. The post published with my name? Yes, and it's too serious. I was wrong, but the media wave was exaggerated. If it happens to a boy of sixteen, seventeen you can't know what reactions he may have. If one throws himself down because he can't withstand the pressure, what do you do? No, I don't feel racist in the most absolute way. I told the player that he is an ape and I raise my hands, I made it out of the jar, I exaggerated. "

Racist insults, to the fan

Justice takes its course. He was reported by the Digos police officers of Rome the alleged perpetrator of racist comments that appeared in Juan's Instagram profile at the end of August Jesus. The man, originally from Civitavecchia, has been denounced for threats aggravated by racial hatred and stalking. For him, a 3-year daso has already arrived.

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