Fonseca at work, but in reduced ranks and Spinazzola warns him: "My role is on the left"

Seventy-two hours after the challenge with the Cagliari, the Rome he still hears the aftermath of a game from which more negative than positive news arrived. Starting with the result, going through the injuries and coming up to the two-day ban of Fonseca for the reaction he had towards the referee Mass at the end of the match. The Portuguese coach, however, was not the only one to lose his temper. In fact, a backstage occurred in the underpass of theOlympic and with protagonists Luca Pellegrini and Kolarov. The Cagliari player would have provoked his former teammates by generating a squabble with the Serbian fullback. The boy's prosecutor thought of the news, Mino Raiola. "Fake news" so he branded it on his social media profiles.

TRIGORIA – The objective of Rome then it is turning the page, but it is not simple for Fonseca work these days a Trigoria. Among the players involved in the National team and those out due to injury, the group is reduced. Florenzi, Perotti, Under and Mkhitaryan continue to do differentiated work and with the end of the stop for the National teams they should all return to the match with the Sampdoria or the one with the Gladbach of Europa League. Dzekoinstead, it will resume tomorrow after the operation for the reduction of the double fracture of the right cheekbone. Even the Bosnian should recover in view of the first commitments after the stop for the Nationals, but wearing a protective mask.

SPINAZZOLA therefore Fonseca he crosses his fingers hoping that his players will return to the best of the matches with their respective selections, in particular Kolarov is Spinazzola. The blue exterior three days from the challenge with the Greece speaks at a press conference also of the moment that is experiencing the Rome and why it is already far from the summit: "We are all there: the Juventus has something more, the group is that. Inter have also changed a lot, we have changed a lot, players, coaches, form, football vision. Mister Fonseca creates so many expectations even inside the locker room: we are really good with him, we believe we are doing well. Then the races have episodes and faces, you can win with Bologna to the last or draw with Cagliari when you could make four or five goals ". It then closes on the possibility of playing on the right: "If I played left all my life, there's a reason. My role is there, then I'm right and if the coach wants me to play on the right, I play, but my football changes ”. In short, Fonseca is warned even if the Portuguese, despite the emergence of these last games, has preferred to distort some players of the first team, rather than convene a Spring.

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