Roma Women, Thomas: "Here to win a title and qualify for the Champions"

ROMA TV – Lindsley Thomas, female Roma striker, gave an interview to the club's official channel in the Women's Weekly magazine. These are his words:
  "After the defeat with Milan we were disappointed. It was the debut at home and we wanted to look good in front of such a large audience. We lost but we continued to work to face the season better. There are many foreigners, the team We were working on some aspects, we continued to apply the ideas of the coach, we worked and the results were seen in the next match, even if we didn't manage to do everything we wanted we still won 2-0 "Now we can really start our championship and pursue our goals. The stop is good for those who go to play with their national team because they continue to maintain the race pace to face important races. Those who stay work in a different way, there are few of them. the work is individual, on technique or tactics, it is not the same work done in the past few weeks but it is sufficiently thorough. or Italian and French that I've noticed so far is that in France we love to build the game without unbalancing ourselves, but there are several teams that like to wait. In Italy, on the other hand, teams do not like to wait and play openly, trying to build the game, always trying to get into the opponent's half quickly to score. There are few breaks and many upsets, it amazed me. The fans are very important, we saw it in the first 2 games. They came in droves and I think they are expecting something important this year, so offering them a good kick and showing desire and determination will make them continue to be numerous and support us. What opponent do I expect? I'm discovering the teams from time to time, being in my first year in Italy but I think the script will be the same as in the first few races: a team that will come and flush us out and play our cards, play and we'll do it too . We will have to put our game principles into practice to try to win. I feel good, I am in a new environment and, despite being shy, I am carving out my space. I get along very well with my companions, I was well received and the language was not an obstacle, as I feared it could be. I'm starting to learn and take Italian courses. I adapted well, I'm happy. Personal goals are related to those of the team. As a striker, I would like to make more than ten goals and then I hope to be called to the senior national team and participate in an international competition but I can achieve these goals only by doing well with Roma, perhaps by winning a title and qualifying for the Champions ".

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