News of the day. Tile Pellegrini: fracture and almost two months of stop, injured at work in Trigoria. Totti makes his debut in the Lega Calcio a 8

NEWS DELLA GIORNATAPELLEGRINI – All the news of the yellow and red day gathered for you in an article: happy reading!

Qui Trigoria

After the sweaty victory against Lecce, Fonseca decided to leave a day of rest to his players before returning to prepare the challenge against Wolfsberger of 3 October. The resumption of training, in fact, is scheduled for tomorrow morning. But there are those who today however passed through Trigoria : these are the injured Under, Zappacosta, Perotti and Cetin . All 4 carried out individual work to recover from their respective physical problems.

Pellegrini, fracture of the fifth metatarsal: details and recovery time

Bad news in the Giallorossi home. Yesterday Lorenzo Pellegrini came out prematurely in the challenge against Lecce for a nuisance to his foot. The Giallorossi midfielder had accused plantar fasciitis last week. Today the number 7 has been subjected to instrumental tests for the pain in the right foot. Investigations have revealed a fracture of the fifth metatarsal. The footballer will be subjected to osteosynthesis tomorrow morning. At the end of the intervention it will be possible to estimate recovery times.

According to Alessandro Austini of Il Tempo, it will be at least a month and a half (even two) the time it will take for Lorenzo Pellegrini to recover.

Smalling and the vegan diet

When Chris Smalling arrived at Rome the first curiosity that struck everyone was that the defender is vegan. This lifestyle choice has been talked about because not many players are seen following this type of diet. The Englishman spoke of his choice at the BBC on the occasion of the documentary "Football Going Vegan". Here are his statements: "The thing that pushed me the most to become vegan is animal welfare. Maybe I started with health aspects, since I was better off after the games. Then I saw some documentaries, I read books … I discovered things that are hard to ignore. My wife didn't expect me to become a vegan, but when I began to understand animal welfare, it was the factor that led me to say "Ok, from today I'll be vegan." Teammates ask questions. The jokes are there, it's normal, but they still want to hear my path and ask questions. One in particular? Lukaku but also Lindelof . I sent him many recipes that we make at home. People are interested in this thing, if they ask me questions I'm happy to answer. Once at the table, the vegan option was not there, or if it was there it was given in a corner of the blackboard. Now he is on that same blackboard, he has the letter "V" beside it and it is nice to see how many people choose it, often the tray remains almost empty ".

Wolfsberger-Roma: referee the Portuguese Martins

Thursday at 18:55 the second round of the Europa League will be staged: Roma will be involved in the house of Wolfsberger . Today the referee designations for the matches have been announced. To direct the match against the Giallorossi will be the Portuguese Lopes Martins.

Referee : Tiago Bruno Lopes Martins (POR)
Assistants : Luís André Ferreira Pinto de Campos (POR) – Pedro Miguel Almeida da Mota (POR)
Official quarter : Hugo Filipe Ferreira de Campos Moreira Miguel (POR)

RN indiscretion Roma changes fashion partner: via Hugo Boss, here is Tombolini

In the last year there have been numerous changes in the house Rome inside and outside the field with a real revolution in leadership and the rose. According to what was learned from now the Capitoline club is also about to change 'look': stop the collaboration with Hugo Boss for the official uniforms of the players – started last year – and go-ahead to Tombolini as a new fashion partner. The formalization of the agreement between the parties is expected shortly.

Totti makes his debut in the Lega Calcio a 8

Love and passion for football are too strong to be able to say ‘No’. Today the adventure of Totti in the 8-a-side Lega Calcio began, with his team, Totti Sporting Club. "One was missing and they called me", the joke of the historic Giallorossi captain to those who asked him why he returned to the field. "If I play well all the games – Totti promised – and then I do it also for the Bambino Gesù hospital. For solidarity there are always. The national football team at 8? No no, do you see that I wear black on purpose? " The smile is that of the best days, thrilled to be able to go on the field again. On his protégé Pellegrini: "Tomorrow I will make him my best wishes in private, I will call him tomorrow". The proximity of a leader after the bad injury that struck Rome's number 7.

The words of Ranieri on Fonseca and his Roma

Claudio Ranieri former coach of Rome in an interview with the microphones of "Radio Uno", has spoke of the team of Fonseca and his impressions of the Giallorossi game after the first days of the championship. The technician also spoke of the Totti and De Rossi farewells. These are some of his words: "It seems to me that Fonsecastia doing a good job, is making itself understood by the players. He seems to me very intelligent, he understood the difficulties of the team, now they start to take less filtering balls, they cover the depth better … It seems to me that his philosophy is coming out, reading the newspapers I see that the players are very happy ".

Boniek on Fonseca

"Rome has changed a lot. Fonseca would always like to play forward, it is pleasant to see, it is a team that creates chances, that risks something, but in Europe everyone plays like this. His goal is to reach the top four, it is essential to return to the Champions League for Roma. What I don't understand is why in Rome, when you least expect it, a defeat stops you, as happened for Atalanta, but it also happened in my time. These ups and downs must be eliminated, even if Gasperini's team is an excellent team ". Zibi Boniek return to talk about Rome . The former giallorosso spoke to the Centro Suono Sport microphones to comment on the moment of the Fonseca team: “Fonseca is a great professional, he is a clean, good, honest person, he talks a lot with the players, I saw live workouts on TV, I really like this technician. In the youth of Rome there is a boy of Polish origin, Nicola Zalawski, who is growing a lot, has good prospects, I am pleased that he is making progress. I see Inter and Juve in front of everyone, with the Bianconeri favorite by experience and the quality of the squad, then in my opinion Napoli is the third favorite in the third place, Rome, Atalanta, Lazio and Fiorentina play the fourth. As the Europa League final will be played in Gdansk, I hope to see Roma reach the end. "

Look who speaks

On the the main radio frequencies of the capital today we are discussing the championship match that was staged yesterday, which saw Roma engaged against Lecce. These are some of the words of Max Leggeri at Centro Suono Sport: "In Lecce a victory of ordinary administration, with a Roma that in my opinion had strategically prepared the game in the best possible way". Alessandro Austini intervenes at Tele Radio Stereo, explaining: "The problem is that once again Rome does not exploit the clear superiority it has and ends up winning for the broken headset, giving the feeling of suffering, even if Pau Lopez blocks a puller central and nothing more ".

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