News of the day. Pellegrini: "It's time to win", Mkhitaryan ready for his debut, muscle problem for Smalling: in doubt against Sassuolo

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The words of Pellegrini

Lorenzo Pellegrini midfielder of Rome spoke to the Sky Sport microphones in view of Sunday's match against Sassuolo . These are his words:

You have received so many compliments in this period …
“They are always nice, we work to try to do well and always improve. When they are not normal compliments, like from Totti or Di Biagio, they are always nice. It's nice to receive them from people important to me. "

You played in many roles. How is your flexibility born?
"I don't know, I try to make myself available and steal with my eyes from some mate who does that role. I try to be careful to make myself useful in any role, I try to improve from outside but also as a midfielder. I like it because I can put the coach in difficulty because I can do more roles. "

Where would you play the game of life?
" I'd play it (laughs). I see myself more in the playmaker, I like to enter and feel free. I would play it anywhere, the important thing is to play it ".

What does the game with Sassuolo mean to you? What exam will it be?
“We must come out winning with the three points. It is fundamental because we play at home in front of our fans, their contribution will be important. Sassuolo was a wonderful experience, I am connected to the city and to my companions, it is always exciting to play against them, but I only think about winning ".

Are you adapting to Fonseca's methods?
" We work to improve. He asks us to play with the ball, to have the ball of the game. It is important to set how we want, by commanding the game you are never submitted to the other team, I like it a lot. It's time to show what we are doing in training and it's time to win. "

What can the new ones give?
" A lot of experience and quality. They are excellent players that can be very useful to us. They are great with experience, we kids can bring that little bit extra to make a difference. I am glad that we have lunch together with our companions, to create unity even outside the field which is very important ".

What are the team objectives?
" It is obvious that this year we do not set goals, we want improve, I notice it in all training sessions. It is fair to say that this Roma must play the Champions League, this is our first goal. We set no limits, ambition is fundamental for a player and for an important team like Roma ".

Muscle problem for Smalling

The umpteenth tile is coming for Rome the plague injuries does not spare even the new arrivals. In the last hours Smalling suffered a muscle overload in training. During the session scheduled today at 10 am, he will do individual work. Fonseca will therefore have to re-evaluate its conditions for Sunday's match against Sassuolo . For now, his presence against De Zerbi's team remains in doubt.

The probable formations of Roma-Sassuolo: Mkhitaryan from 1 ′

After the break for the national team's commitments, Serie A returns to the field for the third day of the championship. The Rome on Sunday at 6 pm at the Olympic Stadium, faces Sassuolo of De Zerbi . The team of Fonseca is in search of the first victory in the championship, while the neroverdi want to follow up the success obtained against Sampdoria of Di Francesco after losing the debut against Turin . The challenge will be made by Daniele Chiffi of the Padua section. For him it will be the first direction of a match of the Capitoline club, while there are already three intersections with the Emilians: negative balance with two defeats and a draw.

ROME (4-2-3-1) : 13 Pau Lopez; 24 Florenzi, 23 Mancini, 20 Fazio, 11 Kolarov; 21 Veretout, 4 Cristante; 22 Zaniolo, 7 Pellegrini, 77 Mkhitaryan; 9 Dzeko.
A disp .: 63 Fuzato, 83 Mirante, 5 Juan Jesus, 37 Spinazzola, 18 Santon, 42 Diawara, 48 Antonucci, 27 Pastor, 99 Kluivert, 19 Kalinic.
All .: Paulo Fonseca.

BALLOTTAGES : Mancini-Fazio, Smalling-Mancini, Cristante-Diawara, Cristante-Veretout.
IN DOUBT : Smalling (muscle overload) [19659004]: Perotti (myotendinous lesion to the left femoral rectum), Zappacosta (second degree lesion to the soleus), Under (lesion to the hamstring of the right thigh).

SASSUOLO (4-3-1-2) : 47 Councils; 17 Muldur, 2 Marlon, 31 Ferrari, 13 Peluso; 8 Duncan, 14 Obiang, 73 Locatelli; 23 Traoré; 23 Berardi, 9 Caputo.
Disp. .: 56 Pegolo, 64 Russo, 22 Toljan, 19 Romagna, 21 Chiriches, 33 Tripaldelli, 77 Kyriakopoulos, 4 Magnanelli, 68 Bourabia, 36 Mazzitelli, 10 Djuricic, 7 Boga, 11 Defrel.
All .: Roberto De Zerbi

BALLOTTAGES : Muldur-Toljan, Boga-Traoré, Defrel-Caputo.
UNAVAILABLE : Rogerio (meniscus injury)


La Rome returns to prepare for sight of Sunday's match against Sassuolo . Today's training session, scheduled in Trigoria at 10, saw the team engaged first in the video room, and then move onto the field where they played laps, speed and bull exercises before a long tactical part. Individual training for Under Zappacosta and Perotti physical management, instead, for Chris Smalling struggling with muscle overload. Therefore, the quotations of Gianluca Mancini are going up for Sunday to be joined by Fazio, should the Englishman raise the white flag permanently. Meanwhile, tomorrow at 10 am, before Paulo Fonseca's press conference, there will be the finishing in view of Roma-Sassuolo.

Listen to those who speak … to the radios

Max Leggeri to Centro Suono Sport : "Our ancestors would have said" mala tempora currunt ". Yesterday the company clarified the planning of Rome from here to the next few years. "Without a stadium, Rome will become the Sassuolo d’Europa". We will become? I don't think we are Barcelona or Manchester United. The stadium continues to be used as an alibi for a potentially winning sports program. That's enough! Dozens of clubs in Europe win without a stadium. Yesterday the journalists listened to the funeral testament of the sporting ambitions of Rome declaimed by Fienga and Petrachi, who at least appeared to be opposed to Pallotta, the most inaction president in the history of Rome. The situation is tragic: without Champions there will be a further downsizing. One cannot remain indifferent to all this. A sort of betrayal is taking place against the Roman public. I am not satisfied with living for the day, I cannot please the TAC project 'tiramo a campà'. I publicly ask for the removal of this property, because after 8 years a mediocre future for Rome has been certified ". Alessandro Vocalelli on Radio Radio Afternoon : "The injury to Smalling does not change the cards on the table too much, given that Mancini has already played two years of Serie A, also becoming the protagonist. Dzeko and Mkhitaryan on the card can stand up to almost all offensive Serie A pairs ".

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