Iachini: "Fonseca intrigues me, Mancini and Mkhitaryan make excellent purchases"

IACHINI INTERVIEW ROME SASSUOLO – Giuseppe Iachini former coach of Sassuolo, spoke on Teleradiostereo's microphones to talk about the moment of Roma and the Giallorossi's next match against his former team. Here are his words:

Are Sassuolo raising the bar compared to the past few seasons?
"Surely, an excellent market has been made, important players have arrived, so much has been spent to improve the rose. De Zerbi is good and the team is of great quality ".

Why did his story with Sassuolo end?
" There were no conditions to continue, but we left in friendship after a good time year spent together, with an 11th place that is the second result in the history of Sassuolo ".

Which is the coach who follows with more curiosity?
" I don't want to leave anyone out of the Italians, but I'm very curious about Fonseca , I will have a special care for him ".

Fonseca-De Zerbi, two coaches who play openly.
" They are all like that now, they always try to put their opponents in difficulty. You can't go to Rome to try to make the punticino, otherwise go out defeated ".

Is there still someone who prefers an Italian football?
" Now the football is exacerbated even more, there are some rules that are a little excessive, such as the passage in the area on the garage. I think it is important to combine the two phases, but I would always like an aesthetically productive team, but at the same time know how to hurt opponents. Each formation has its own characteristic, its quality: if you have an important technical background, you play the ball in a certain way, if you have a team with a lower technique, if you want to make a reasonable ball, you risk doing damage. You have to understand the context well, if you take over and you have to save yourself, you have to look after it. It is in the skill of the coach to know how to combine his ideas with the characteristics of his players ".

The best buy of Roma?
" I really like Mancini, even if Mkhitaryan is a very important player. Petrachi had great insights ”.

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