GIANNINI: "Rome, the downsizing is evident" – CIARDI: "Absurd to talk about injuries caused by pressure"

The taste of the championship returns to the air which will reopen its doors tomorrow after the first seasonal stop and, on Sunday, the Roma will face Sassuolo at the Olimpico. "Not winning would be a problem, I expect the three points but not the great performance" the thought of Roberto Pruzzo. A lot of waiting also for the probable debut of Mkhitaryan who "can form with Dzeko one of the best offensive pairs of the championship" according to Furio Focolari.
 The future prospects, however, do not convince Antonio Felici: "After 8 years and passes we realized that we are in the middle of the desert and walking, we cannot see the arrival".
 This and much more in "Massimo Ascolto", column of LAROMA24.IT, edited by the editors. A walk among the most important radio programs of the Capital. Enjoy the reading.
 The hope is that a more free and ready Rome will go against Sassuolo (FEDERICO NISII, Tele Radio Stereo, 92.7)
 Rome society should regain feeling and emotion. Until he does, the ocean that separates society and fans will remain so (PIERO TORRI, Tele Radio Stereo, 92.7)
 I hear talk of the stadium as a necessary condition to compete, I know very well that it would be important for Roma but it doesn't seem to me that Inter and Napoli have their own facilities, yet they have set up increasingly competitive teams. Rome has been downsizing for months, it is enough to list the names of the important players sold in the last two years (GIUSEPPE GIANNINI, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, 1927 – The story continues)
 The managers wanted to reiterate the change of direction with respect to the corporate management of the last few years. The problem is that we continue to go from one extreme to the other without finding equilibrium, first triumphalist declarations then modest tones. Roma Sunday will have to collect the three points, the team's performance will take second place (MAURO MACEDONIO, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, 1927 – The story continues)
 The words of Baldissoni and Fienga have only confirmed what is already clear to everyone, they have the role to put face to face and it is right that they did it. I'm also sorry for the timing since we are close to a very important match. On Sunday, I expect a determined Rome that comes out of the Olimpico with a victory, if it were not, it would open a very wide contest against the coach (FEDERICA AFFLITTO, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, 1927 – The story continues)
 _ _ _
 We are a bit in the field of psychosis. Smalling would have started on Sunday but it is the only one that would have some more motivation to have this overload, since it has changed everything, from the type of training to food. The most worrying thing is that in this psychosis we have entered into Trigoria and we all know that the psychological element is very important. If you are afraid of hurting yourself you are also led to give something less in training (FRANCESCA FERRAZZA, Tele Radio Stereo 92.7)
 Mancini should play next to Fazio, even if I don't completely exclude the Jesus card. In Trigoria they are not surprised by all these injuries because they have revolutionized the whole sector: they expect many stops in this first phase of the season. They also think that there is a strong psychological component behind these injuries but that later the situation will stabilize (GIANLUCA LENGUA, Radio Radio 104.5 – Radio Radio Lo Sport)
 At the beginning of the summer, Rome has chosen to make an epochal change, to change sharply. Responsibilities have also been assumed in the choices of the players. There are no more alibis, so if even today there were footballers in the grip of psychosis who are afraid of getting hurt, I would take it with whom the players chose them. Speaking of injuries caused by pressure is absurd, ridiculous (AUGUSTO CIARDI, Tele Radio Stereo 92.7)
 There is great concern on the part of Fonseca that he used all the precautions to avoid injuries but still failed to prevent Smalling. This injury problem has returned to great relevance (GUIDO D’UBALDO, Radio Radio 104.5 – Radio Radio Lo Sport)
 I do not believe that in the accident of Smalling there is Rome, otherwise we should think that we are committed. It is surely an accidental fact or that concerns the preparation done previously. If Mancini plays does not change much, in him I have extreme confidence. If the training will be the one I read in the newspapers it amazes me how many players will be deployed out of role (ALESSANDRO VOCALELLI,, Radio Radio 104.5 – Radio Radio Lo Sport)
 The scenarios relating to the near future of Rome, described yesterday in Trigoria, are certainly not idyllic or edifying. It was clear that we had entered a period of austerity, but after 8 years of management I honestly don't think it's more justifiable. It will also be the fault of Monchi, but if I'm not mistaken, Fienga and Baldissoni were Rome's executives even in the last two years, could it not be possible to put a stop to certain operations that have strangled the club's accounts? Rome has taken a 5-year step back and must rebuild itself, while other clubs without stadiums have gradually increased their sports level (CHECCO ODDO CASANO, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, 1927 – The story continues)
 Concerns about the Giallorossi are legitimate, but in this case, Roma has already made enough mistakes to think that a result other than victory can come. The new signings should help make the Giallorossi a real team, which was not the case in the first two days (FRANCO MELLI, Radio Radio 104.5 – Radio Radio Lo Sport)
 Injuries are a serious problem, last year Roma lost a lot of important players due to physical problems. Mancini? He was not given to the Giallorossi so he must be able to play against Sassuolo. In my opinion with these players would have been more logical a 4-3-3 or a 4-3-2-1 (LUIGI FERRAJOLO, Radio Radio 104.5 – Radio Radio Lo Sport)
 In my opinion the problem is that the Rome staff is built with too many offensive and few defensive players. I don't know who made up his mind that Veretout is a director or a median. To play with players like the Frenchman and Pellegrini in front of the defense you have to make the sign of the cross at the beginning of all the games. It is a team that has no balance and I fear that Diawara cannot not play (STEFANO AGRESTI, Radio Radio 104.5 – Radio Radio Lo Sport)
   Mkhitaryan can form with Dzeko one of the best offensive couples in the league (FURIO FOCOLARI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Mattino Sport & News)
   Rome needed someone like Mkhitaryan. I saw him doing very well in the national team, he has everything to do good things. Sassuolo? De Zerbi's game, unlike Fonseca's, is tested (ROBERTO RENGA, Radio Radio, 104.5, Mattino Sport & News)
 Rome is a victim of the expectations that she herself creates. In my opinion someone inside Trigoria is convinced that injuries also depend on external pressure on Rome (ALESSANDRO AUSTINI, Tele Radio Stereo, 92.7)
 Since the stadium was to become a big player in Europe, now it is necessary to avoid being Sassuolo in the international arena. What would change with the owned plant is the possibility of not going to the Champions for a year (FRANCESCO BALZANI, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, I'll give you Tokyo)
   Rome is still an open site, I am curious to understand what kind of team we will be able to see. Not winning with Sassuolo would be a problem, I expect the three points but not the great performance (ROBERTO PRUZZO, Radio Radio, 104.5, Mattino Sport & News)
  Rome must come out of this torpor. I want to see the coach's stamp (NANDO ORSI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Mattino Sport & News)
   The Roma that Sassuolo will face is a new team. Now I like it, first not. Smalling and Mkhitaryan have improved the team so much (MARIO MATTIOLI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Mattino Sport & News)
 The message of yesterday's meeting is devastating: you have already said that Zaniolo and Under are sold for next season. After 8 years and we passed we realized that we are in the middle of the desert and walking, you can't see the arrival when you walk. The only hope is a change of ownership, with the current there will never be a way out (ANTONIO FELICI, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, I'll give you Tokyo)

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