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IL TEMPO (M. VITELLI) – When Rome takes the field at the Olimpico stadium on 19 September to face Istanbul Basaksehir in the match d debut of Europa League could find him on the pitch. But Arda Turan former of (which still holds the card) and Atletico risked seeing the game on TV in one cell. Yesterday, in fact, the thirty-two-year-old Turkish man was sentenced to two years, eight months and fifteen days of imprisonment (the prosecution had asked for twelve years focusing the case on alleged sexual harassment) for illegal detention of a firearm and for using it inside a hospital in Istanbul. Turan will not go to jail, unless he commits a crime in the next five years (and given his turbulent past, there is some risk), but he did not pass it smoothly: his club he fined close to € 400 thousand

The incident dates back to last October, when the player – also known in the news for his extra-football performances – was involved in a fight ending up breaking his nose at famous Turkish singer Berkan Sahin. The story would begin in a famous nightclub, where Arda Turan would have shown interest in the popstar's wife. Between the two men, the words would soon be passed to the facts, with the forbidden blow trimmed by the player to the singer. Not yet satisfied, however, the current exterior of Istanbul Baseksehir would have joined Berkan Sahin in the hospital where he had gone to get medical treatment by shooting a few gun shots into the air to intimidate him. The good news for Arda Turan is the acquittal from the charge of sexual harassment, a conviction would have sent him straight behind bars. On the pitch, he will try to quickly forget yet another stunt.

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