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IL TEMPO (F. BIAFORA) – "I am here to win and not to waste time" . You can breathe a new air in Trigoria and after Smalling's statements last week it fell to Mkhitaryan to appear at the Giallorossi supporters showing great aspirations and ambitions. The Armenian has sent all messages from the leader of the Roma locker room: «I am not afraid of pressure, I decided to play in Serie A because it was a great occasion that the last day, I accepted immediately without thinking and without talking about money. I am looking to have fun, enjoy football and try to achieve my goals. I had warned it was time for a change of scenery, not a step back. In the last few months at the Arsenal I was no longer enjoying playing »,

The 1989 class, which chose the number 77 shirt, is ready to play right away, without looking too much at the role it will assign to it Fonseca : «I can play in every attacking position, right, left or behind the point. My goal is to make as many goals and assists as possible, because that's what gives me the most satisfaction. Fonseca? His Shakhtar struck me, especially in the Champions League for how he held his own against the big ones, playing without fear. I hope the coach can do the same here and offer a spectacular football that makes the fans happy. We are remembered for the victories, I have always wanted to win titles and I am sure that my ambitions and those of Rome coincide ». Next to the former star of Borussia was present in the press room the ds Petrachi enthusiastic about the last shot of the first transfer market leading the Roma: «He is a player of international importance, a top player. He gave up money to come, with him and Smalling we did two clever operations
". The Salento manager then drew up a balance sheet for the red and yellow summer, expressing satisfaction with the work he had completed: « I put my soul into it, I tried to make a small revolution, it was necessary and I am satisfied. I am convinced that I have created something to revive enthusiasm and Romanist pride. We have formed an important group, the unfortunates have left, an extremely important outgoing market has been made. We have renewed our flagships Under and Zaniolo ». Petrachi, in a conference that lasted over an hour, threw a shot at Juventus and Inter and pampered Dzeko teased in the presentation at the beginning of July: « I am proud to have kept my promise saying that Rome would not be anyone's branch. Marotta and Paratici? Today no one can come to Rome to bully and take players, Dzeko? I always had the hope of being able to hold back Edin, I made him understand that the wind was changing and that a different team was being born, where he had to be a point of reference. I tried to make him understand that maybe he wasn't as important to Inter as he was to us ». I n closing the ds clarified for the umpteenth time the figure of Baldini and the weight had on the strategies of the club «I had no problems with Franco, he remained in his place holding the right distances set at the beginning. It was he a month ago who told me that Mkhitaryan could move, then I treated him with Raiola ".

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