HAPPY: "Petrachi complimented himself, waiting for the results to say if he is a great ds", AGRESTI: "We need to find tactical stability, we needed Torreira and not Mkhitaryan"

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Francesco Blazani at Centro Suono Sport : “Working with Baldini, with a budget that does not exist, with a series of redundancies and the farewell of Totti and De Rossi is not easy. Petrachi had many difficulties, until August he had made a market of 4, he recovered with the last day of the market: Mkhitaryan is a good shot but to say that Roma is a tough team is still a bit premature ". [19659003] Antonio Felici at Centro Suono Sport : “Petrachi gave me the impression of one who congratulated himself for giving himself courage. Are you a master? But which master, if things do not go well, he goes home in 5 minutes, he is not master of anything. I wait for the results to see if it is a great ds. "

Stefano Agresti on Radio Radio Mattino :" Roma must absolutely find a tactical stability: it has taken 3 goals from Genoa, a goal and 4 poles from Lazio. I think this team needed someone like Torreira in midfield, not Mkhitaryan. "

Checco Oddo Casano at Centro Suono Sport : "With the Under one, there are already 4 muscle injuries in 15-20 days of season, continuing at the end of the year the number will be 50-60 injuries. Trainers, coaches, staff and doctors have changed but the problem of the many injuries remains. The only element that has not changed is the training facility, as Roma has always trained in Trigoria. At this point it would be necessary to verify if the real problem is actually the fields ".

Furio Focolari on Radio Radio Mattino :" The Rome market full of loans is the mirror of the current economic situation that society is experiencing. I believe that Petrachi on the transfer market has done so much with very little. After spending a lot of money on non-functional players, Roma can no longer do crazy things, so it's fair to do loan transactions ".

Marione in Centro Suono Sport : “Petrachi? I'm not convinced, I don't know why. Yesterday he said he was running a smart market. A smart market? To make the market you need money, not cunning. Or rather, with the cunning alone you do little. Was Baldini in his place? Not so, and thank goodness. Not bad because without Mkhitaryan and Smalling we arrived eighth, another one that fights in fourth place. Then again: "We have created identity", this is Toro's mentality, as a medium-small team. Identity is created by the game and the strong players, not the fact that they all eat together at lunch in Trigoria. Anyone who arrives in Rome wants to teach us soccer as if it were quantum physics … to play football we need strong players, period. "

Alessandro Austini at Tele Radio Stereo :" I think the ranking of engagements leaves a little 'the time you find on the figures, but in any case the concept is what Petrachi said: Rome still has to lower costs and this year it has not succeeded because competitiveness is privileged. I believe that every Romanist fan should be happy to hear that Rome is not a branch of anyone, even though I don't think it has been in recent years. Feeling it reiterate anyway like it. I like to see a leader seeing Rome defend strongly. He immediately hit the problems that were in Trigoria: a disaggregated group, the lack of a sense of belonging, the alibis etc … At a theoretical level he has the situation in hand. The point now is another: do we trust? Not of him, but of the players. Do we trust the players? Also Mkhitaryan made an excellent impression on me. "

Stefano Petrucci at Tele Radio Stereo :" We need the fans. I think curiosity pushes us to see this team. Pay attention to Sassuolo because it has some very interesting players ”.

Jacopo Palizzi at Tele Radio Stereo : "Mkhitaryan for the characteristics he has is a player who can really ignite the Olimpico. It is beautiful to see, it gives you satisfaction in seeing it play: it takes the ball, rips, makes inventions, piles, shoots on goal … We hope that it will continue to be like this also in Rome ".

Roberto Renga at Radio Radio Mattino : "Some of Petrachi's loans were smart and Mkhitaryan is a prime example. In the National team he has shown what a player he is. I expected more from the transfers, since they all happened with the loan formula. I am not sure that Mkhitaryan can make the same goals as El Shaarawy. "

Franco Melli on Radio Radio Mattino :" Roma has decided to go back with loans, a less expensive way to build a team. The Giallorossi have certainly improved but we need to see if Smalling and Mkhitaryan will be able to raise them to fourth place. Rome must improve in its most important players ".

Daniele Lo Monaco at Tele Radio Stereo :" How do I imagine Roma? Different, with external Mkhitaryan with Zaniolo and Pellegrini advanced and with Veretout together with Cristante. It is a deduction that I make by putting together some elements, but I have no certainties at the moment. That of Rome is a rich rose. Fonseca is doing a complicated job, but he needs the comfort of the results. The bases for building something are there, then it will depend on a thousand other factors ".

Roberto Pruzzo on Radio Radio Mattino :" On Rome I am not doubtful, but I am like Saint Thomas: I have to see on the field what the team can express. These two first games have been disappointing, but they make me understand that at the second half I have to expect something new. Since there will be 3 or 4 different owners it is interesting, but I have a lot of confidence. I'm curious to see the real new Rome. "

Mario Mattioli on Radio Radio Mattino :" In my opinion, Roma is a very good team and can easily pull in fourth place. At least in fourth place for the Champions League. Opportunities like Mkhitaryan and Smalling are to succeed this year in clinging to the Champions zone and then see if next year confirm them or make another type of purchase campaign. For me it's a beautiful team, just beautiful. I remember Mkhitaryan at Manchester and split the games alone. "

Alessio Nardo at Tele Radio Stereo :" This year I would be disappointed if Dzeko didn't make at least 20 goals. One with his characteristics in Fonseca's offensive football must make at least twenty. Last year it only made 9, but it was a 'no' year. "

Valentina Catoni at Tele Radio Stereo :" The Rome rose gives so many possibilities. With the absence of Under and Perotti, behind the tip you can still have fun with Pellegrini trequartista and Mkhitaryan who can the variety. "

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