Fonseca after the derby: "Dzeko was too isolated"

ROME – Paulo Fonseca appears serene to the microphones of journalists after his first derby of the Capital, drew for 1-1 with Lazio: “ For those who love football, it was an extraordinary match – the words of Roma coach to Sky – the teams respected each other, there were so many scoring opportunities ". The Portuguese coach confirms that Dzeko, during the match, remained a bit isolated: “ In some moments we were forced to lower our lines thanks to Lazio so Dzeko remained more isolated. Lazio with its game created us more problems on the left wing, forcing us to lower ourselves ".

Fonseca:" These races take away a few years of life "

The Giallorossi coach then gives some other tactical indication about the race: " We had a problem with Zappacosta and I entered Kluivert. The pressing was not always effective, it is difficult against a team that defends to three, they have created so many difficulties on the left ". Paulo Fonseca then tells how he lived his debut in the Roman city : “ It was a spectacular derby, for us technicians it is not easy to manage all these emotions, we leave a few years of life on the pitch ".

Fonesca:" We are working on the market "

In a press conference, then, Fonseca says its on the market, which will end tomorrow evening:" We are working on it and we count that there are news from here to the end ". Finally the Portuguese sees the glass half full after the 3-3 of a week ago with Genoa: " We have improved the defensive rally, the team has been more compact, but we have lowered ourselves too much and instead we had to better manage the possession. Today we tried to correct something, as the Italian championship demands, which is very demanding ".

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