Diabolik case, the alert for the derby grows

The death of Diablo and the yesterday's missed funeral cause the alert level to rise to the Capital derby, as reported Il Messaggero .

Which this year is played on the second day of the championship: Lazio-Roma, appointment at the Olimpico at 6pm, Sunday 1st September. That is in less than a month. Stracittadina that is likely to play with the body of Diabolik still kept in the cold rooms of the Tor Vergata morgue and, inevitable, will be the homage mixed with rage in full ultras style of the fans. Even the Giallorossi that already made the voice of Fedayn made itself heard: “ In the blue-white sky another star shines. Ciao Fabri ' ", the banner displayed on the occasion of the friendly with Real Madrid.

That the tug of war between police and family, and that even yesterday did not see a solution yet, exasperates souls , charge the voltage and foment hatred . The fear is that after the dark years of the Curva barriers and the strikes of the fans, a new season of clashes and poisons will open.

Yesterday afternoon the meeting at the Police Headquarters lasted over a couple of hours. The game is still open. In the coming days Rita and her daughters will again be summoned by the police. It is a race against time, in via di San Vitale, so that the situation can be unblocked. The championship will start on August 25th. The Curves of all Italy tremble. The ultras front risks being reunited around a common enemy: uniforms and a preconstituted order . The Olimpico could become the battlefield.

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