The secret Fonseca: he plays the drums and loves U2

ROME – La Rome and Rome, as one thing, in the head and in the heart of Paulo Fonseca . If the professional project took him immediately, the city has done the same … Fonseca has bewitched Rome as much as Rome has bewitched him, that when he succeeds he allows himself raids in the streets of the center. He is still living in the hotel, at the Eur, but he will soon have an apartment to settle down for. And he wouldn't mind finding it right in the heart of the city. Literally conquered by the Colosseum area, it could also choose the Prati district, near the stadium. He also loves Italian cuisine, Fonseca, the first restaurant he ate in is one of the capital's historic restaurants in via Marmorata between Piramide and Testaccio, still the fascinating Rome of the center, which in the capital has a thousand corners breathtaking. A proven meeting point for Roma players: from Totti and De Rossi to name the two most representative of the last twenty years, Di Francesco in the his return to Rome as a coach, they often stopped a table from Riccardo .

Curiosities on Fonseca: love of U2 rock

Two marriages: first wife Sandra gave him two children, Diego and Beatriz, he married in Ukraine Katherine with a wedding celebrated in Italy, on Lake Como. And he became a dad for the third time. Suffered by the video analysis (he makes a lot of use of video exercises), coming out of the professional aspects is the music that fascinates him so much. Paulo Fonseca loves rock and U2 is his favorite band. In addition, in his spare time, he has fun playing drums .

Rome, renewing Zaniolo: here we are

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