Zaniolo, hello Rome. Tottenham presses but Juve …

ROME – Another movement almost imperceptible, yet indicative. Nicolò Zaniolo is always further away from Rome . And it is Rome that decided it. Tomorrow, or at the latest Tuesday, Baldini will meet again Tottenham to draft the hypothesis of an exchange with Toby Alderweireld Belgian defender Fonseca would like as heir of Manolas . But it is Zaniolo the main reason for the event. Why? Mauricio Pochettino the Champions League finalist coach, fell in love with Zaniolo's talent and would like to incorporate it into his staff as soon as possible.

Rome, it's already Pipita-mania: the fans get printed the shirt of Higuain

Zaniolo, there is also Juve

The English have already presented to the prosecutor, Claudio Vigorelli an appalling offer: six years of contract to much higher figures than those that Monchi, before leaving Rome, had offered him. The double, euro plus euro less. But Zaniolo has not yet accepted, because Juventus is asking for patience. « Quiet, I'll take you » let him know Paratici . Which in turn promised a good contract to Vigorelli (five years, the maximum allowed in Italy). The plan of Juventus, committed these days to De Ligt is to convince Higuain to go to Rome to have Zaniolo in return. And faced with the prospect of playing with Cristiano Ronaldo but above all of staying in Serie A, Zaniolo has niche.

Rome, what a training with Fonseca!

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